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    Partially formed resource nodes

    While using the crane with drill on a truck with a driver seat and a storage unit, if a given resource doesn't fill a full 'node' it then seems to become stale or otherwise waiting for more of that type of resource whereby if you are harvesting two or more resource types but only have one slot left open, one of the partially formed nodes will be ejected from crane and then become un-usable. It was shortly after this happened that I noticed I had a partial node of composite on my backpack that I could not remove and could not replace with a full composite node rendering me unable to print anything requiring composite. Windows Steam client, mouse+keyboard
  2. WhiteChocolate

    Displaced plants and rock-formation cleanup

  3. WhiteChocolate

    How to stay flat?

    I seem to be having the same issue, but I need to play around and see if where I'm standing relative to the height of the joint I'm clicking on has anything to do with it.
  4. I'd like the option to either harvest up-rooted plants into organics or otherwise remove/destroy them (rather than dig a hole and then cover it up). I'd like the same option for the large rock formations to include when I'm smoothing out ground stalagmites should get cleared.
  5. WhiteChocolate

    Drill head should NOT require copper, something else.

    What would be the difference in drills? Would the lower level ones wear out? Would better drills equal bigger excavation area?
  6. Took shuttle to another planet. Smaller, close to sun, very little organics/resin/composit, high in minerals, lots of Sarlacc's all over. As I start to deform terrain, mouse pointer will get stuck on what seems to be an invisible object, happens in equal distance where moving mouse left or right it will get 'stuck' in another goove and not move freely. There also seems to be an issue with the wind as it doesn't blow objects during storms (no danger of being out in storm) and the small wind vane does nothing even when watching little white whispy 'air' flying by.
  7. Plain and simple, if I'm going to be using a drill to get at something super hard, copper isn't going to cut it. I'd also recommend that for certain items that a blend of materials are needed, e.g. a drill head should cost 3 titanium and 1 carbon. OR you could even require 4 carbon on the smelter to make 1 diamond and the drill head costs 3 titanium and 1 diamond. (Love the game, keep up the good work!)