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  1. This is very good, but we still need the same thing with oxigen filters and energy cells, wich depletes even if we don't need it, or we don't want it
  2. As I experienced it myself and many other from what I see in the forums, the Field Shelter serves very little purpose. Other than a constant but meager 0.5 power generation, a simple buggy or tractor offers the same benefits of transmiting power and generating free oxygen plus a save point, with the downside of not being mobile like a vehicle. Carrying a packed T2x2 platform, the player has a more versatile option for the same space of a T1 slot, power generation is almost always also brought in by the player in the vehicle used for exploring. The only real benefit of it could be when use
  3. There is another topic with the same suggestion explaining why they waste resource because ther "automatic" function is broken Exatly, but Power Cells do waste resource too, if you have them connected to a base that already has power, they are used nonetheless giving the corresponding throughput each
  4. True, now that I think it's really not a good idea, BUT auto tether pick up is, enabling it with a hotkey and passing right over it.
  5. Not big one for vehicles, but small ones to reach hard to get spots while spelunking, rescuing rovers, covering small holes, flatening terrain arround the base or when setting up small outposts. In all these cases only a small ammount is needed and a the canister slot could be used for something more critical, or when there is no canister available or resin to build them right away
  6. Bumping this topic as it was created before. Filters and powercells have suspiciously hight ammount of resource, it's like the developers tried to avoid coding this function and instead just changed one numer to 4x it's intended value
  7. Hell yeah! This is totally necesary. An internal canister for the tool with 1/4 or 1/8 of the canister total capacity
  8. Bumping this suggestin, now on 1.0 and we still have to do this micromanagment
  9. The Wiki still says that the Small Wind Turbine produces half as much as the big one, that makes no sense, there is no motivation to use the big one in this case