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  1. thank you... that'll be a fun journey, but at least I know
  2. All of my medium storage units on terran disappeared while I was on a different planet. All gathered resources are gone. I don't put them on platforms, but never had them disappear (except into the ground when opened)., computer
  3. indestructible wall through my vehicle bay, but before this the vehicle bay glitched and after making a medium rover, the only craft-able part was the rover seat (only one option, not the rest pinked out...)
  4. I put a canister, with soil, into my scrapper to see what would happen and it jammed it, and unable to clear the canister. Please patch this to where you can't activate the scrapper
  5. Making aluminum alloy, the chemistry lab stopped working and has 3 blocks left on both products... I left the game and rebooted and it is stuck. Steam, computer keyboard, most recent update