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    New automation idea

    Now I wouldn't be surprised if something like this was already planned, but I had an idea for an item to help make automation chains easier. Right now, the only way to automate the transfer of items over a distance is to use a chain of auto arms, which is both hugely power inefficient and unreliable, so why not instead have a sort of conveyor system? I got the idea from seeing a very early clip of gameplay where tethers could transport items. I'm thinking something similar to that, except it's a separate item like the power extenders, except maybe with more range between segments (power extenders have a short connection range, I think the conveyor would be better with a connection range similar to tethers) The advantages of an "Auto-Conveyor" would be the ability to transfer items over a larger distance with a single line, and it would use less power than auto-arms. The tradeoff, however, is that the Auto-Conveyor lacks the versatility of the Auto-Arm, it cannot have item filters placed upon it, and it cannot pull from storages or deposit items in storages, so Auto-Conveyors would need to be loaded/unloaded either manually or with an Auto-Arm. Like Auto-Arms, Auto-Conveyors would only be capable of transferring Tier 1 items/resources, and would be one-way with an input and output side (although it would be very useful to be able to switch the input/output sides without having to rebuild the entire line) So if you wanted two-way resource travel, you would need two Auto-Conveyor lines. I imagine Auto-Conveyors would be unlockable/accessible at around the same time as, if not before, Auto-Arms, allowing the player to, say, create a conveyor line out of a mine and place resources upon it as they fill their inventory? Also, in the event that an item is waiting to be unloaded at the output, and another item arrives behind it, I imagine it and any more items arriving would simply wait patiently behind the first and move up as items are unloaded, meaning Auto-Conveyors could serve as a makeshift, if totally impractical, storage device. (on that note, perhaps storage sensors could be used to detect if a conveyor line is fully backed up or not?) Assuming a conveyor is backed up all the way from the output to the input, the conveyor would simply not accept any new items until space is freed VIA an item being unloaded. Perhaps, like Auto-Arms, the speed at which items travel the conveyor would be affected by how much power was available? Note: Perhaps for balancing reasons, the player would be able to remove or place an item anywhere along the conveyor, but Auto-Arms would only be able to load/unload from the inputs/outputs respectively? Just a thought. Also maybe conveyors can only accept power at the input? So as not to make power extenders less relevant? or maybe not. I think it's a pretty cool idea and I would love to build little conveyor lines all over the place. Either way though, I'm excited to see what comes next, and keep up the good work!
  2. Sackboy338

    [1.0.7] [Steam] [Medium Battery Visual Glitch]

    Yes, as I stated in this post I know reloading fixes it. I was informing the developers of a minor visual bug. Just because it isn't game-breaking doesn't mean it doesn't need to be fixed. Though yeah it's not too important
  3. Sackboy338

    [1.0.7] [Steam] [Medium Battery Visual Glitch]

    Update: Same glitch occurred even when battery was stored in large storage slot.
  4. After taking my medium battery to Glacio in a large shuttle, it became visually glitched, the yellow power bars became slightly displaced from the battery itself. Traveling back to Sylvia did not fix this issue, it only worsened the dislocation. The battery still functions properly. Note: on both trips, I had the battery stowed where the Oxegenator would normally go. Quitting to main menu then reloading my save fixed the issue. Pictures show the battery after returning from Glacio. Not a game-breaking bug but thought you should know. Happy bug hunting, and thank you for all your hard work! I love this game and I really appreciate it!
  5. So i realize Automation is planned further down the road, but I did have one small request pertaining to it that would make things SO much easier: Give us the ability to tell a machine (smelter, science lab, shredder, anything that produces resources or pulls them from connected storage) where to prioritize pushing it's resources to. For example, I build a large shredder and large storage with two medium storages connected to it on a large rover. The idea was that I would put scrap in the shredder and scrap would collect on the storage. But in practice, nope. The shredder litterally threw scrap anywhere EXCEPT the storage I built for the express purpose of holding said scrap. It'll put the scrap on my storage only if EVERY other port is blocked/being used. First it tries the bumpers, if there's no room there then is does the unused ports of the large storage, then if THOSE are full, it'll put scrap on the medium storage. Granted this isn't a game-breaking bug by any means, but it would be nice if there were some way to tell the shredder to try and put stuff on the medium storage (which, yes, it's on the same rover as the shredder) and then if THAT storage is full, then it'll try elsewhere. The same goes for machines that pull resources from adjacent storage, telling them where to try and pull resources from, e.c.t. Well, thanks for hearing me out! Whatever your decision is I'll be good, I just thought I'd point this out. I love this game way too much to let a small annoyance stop me from playing it.