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  1. I was just entering the EXO HABITAT in a storm, got whacked just as the "Saving Game" dialog came up, and then I was sailing down to the surface in a DROPSHIP. OK, I know where the corpse is nice and close, that's ok, but I cannot target the backpack, it's right in the airlock of the habitat. Can there be some of that sweet vehicle re-alignment stuff done with corpses or at least the backpack? PC (Win10), KB & mouse, Steam (,
  2. asc3nti0ni7e

    Rendering: Resource Icon shows through the backpack

    PC, KB & Mouse, Latest Version via Steam, Literally jsut started new game, and saw new resource, pressed the wrong key and saw that the icons persist even when the backpack masks the resource area.
  3. As can be seen in the screenshot, the material icon shows over the backpack... it looks out of place, rendering out of layer?