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  1. So... I was using a Large Buggy, with a single DRILL 1 on the front... on Calidor. Then I was off Calidor... So there was two downed shuttles with metals in them I wanted to collect, they were placed in each other, so I was mining under them to free at least one up that it would move that I could enter the other. The way calidor has spawned in this game seems to have left a lot of loot on top of each of other actually... anyhow, as I was nosing the buggy under the loot to get all the soil out of the model so that it would free up, the moment it moved I sent my buggy sky high, then space high, then higher... Images uploaded, Video link here describing the mining drill offset only after this event... First image: You can see the axles were deformed. Second Image; Look Ma, I can drill the whole Novus away in one go!.... Third Image: Yeah, I'm stranded.... But you can see here the drill is now offset.
  2. Just picked it happening. I have a two-buggy train of Medium buggies, I was decsending on Terra from the first-basement to second basement and breached into a cavern. I fell through the hole sideways, twisting, and the buggy landed upside-down. I stayed in the seat the whole time. After I had fallen to the floor with the normal bouncing that goes with it, I pressed 'F' for flip without moving the mouse significantly to select the Flip option. Upon settling I see that the drill is offset.
  3. I'm moving the drill around all attachements, and no change to the angle. Video showed that too. Rebooting the game did fix it. But it takes soooooo long to load, even running the game from a Velociraptor 10,000RPM drive, and the OS on an SSD! I'm not sure, but it might have been set of whack when it got bombed to smithereens as I seemed to have parked next to four of those bomb throwing plants... cataplants, that's them... so is it the repositioning of the buggy through means other than it's own traction that bounces the skew of the mining gimbals? I'll keep trying to pin it down.
  4. Hi, No, haven't put my finger on it. But it's persistent with each individual buggy... whether the buggy seat is in any of the positions, or driving either direction (as shown in the picture there). I'll keep my eye on it. I have built a new buggy now, on a different planet, but it's happened on all planets to me. I also used to get it in previous versions, but didn't spend the time to report it sorry, I'm not normally that languid in my reporting. But it was just a pain when it was a little bit offset like that, but when it had turned completely 180 degrees and the mining semi-circle was under the plane I was about to drive on, that's when I had to report. I mean, if it offsets like that, it's almost like a physical reality that the buggy has worn out and it's mountings are loose... You have some practical mechanics in the game which almost have the same feeling... so I dealt with it.
  5. Summary: Drills not drilling in the forward direction anymore. Platform: Steam - PC Version/Build: Specifications: PC, Intel Core i7 960 3.2GHz stock 48GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro Velociraptor 10,000RPM Game Install Drive, (SSD OS Drive,) So the angular setting of the dual-drills on the front end of the buggy are not set at 0-degrees. Occassionally the angle gets skewed, and just now, but i'm not sure what the trigger for it was, its' flipped around to the point where the large buggy is drilling under it's wheels. The skewed setting stays with whichever buggy started to bug out. if I mount a drill on front and back of buggy, it's the same angle. image attached. Video link:
  6. I was just entering the EXO HABITAT in a storm, got whacked just as the "Saving Game" dialog came up, and then I was sailing down to the surface in a DROPSHIP. OK, I know where the corpse is nice and close, that's ok, but I cannot target the backpack, it's right in the airlock of the habitat. Can there be some of that sweet vehicle re-alignment stuff done with corpses or at least the backpack? PC (Win10), KB & mouse, Steam (,
  7. PC, KB & Mouse, Latest Version via Steam, Literally jsut started new game, and saw new resource, pressed the wrong key and saw that the icons persist even when the backpack masks the resource area.
  8. As can be seen in the screenshot, the material icon shows over the backpack... it looks out of place, rendering out of layer?