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  1. Is this game still alive? Where are the updates? I stopped playing pre-release, cause there is no progress in the game. It feels like waiting forever for 1.0 and no news on anything new or something to look forward to. What's going on guys?
  2. Loaded a savegame to find this terrain generated over my base. I can assure you it wasn't there when I saved ?
  3. Started the game up today, but my savegame from yesterday was gone. I noticed this once before (like a week ago or so), but then it came back if I waited on the start screen. Probably after it got done syncing with online storage or so. Unfortunately not this time though.
  4. TijgerPapa

    Grainder got bugd

    Same issue on 0.10.2 Windows 10 version. Large shredder locked and unable to use anymore.
  5. When not at the starter base, the game seems to have trouble saving when exiting. Twice now I closed the game with "Save and goto desktop" when not on Terran, but when I started the saved game again I was at an older save state (from when I entered a shuttle). The second time I explicitly left the computer on for a while, thinking it would save in the background, but no. Hours of gameplay lost. I'm playing the Windows Store edition with a controller.