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  1. So when you get in the game on update on Xbox, if you have a lot of friends on Xbox and when you try to switch over to astropedia, options, or customization you have to go through the co-op and with all the friends you have it has to load all of them. I think that the co-op list that shows in the menu and when your playing should be removed or put to the very end. Or instead of forcing us to click RB when should be able to us LB to switch to the left of the menu screen. Because I have more than 800 friends on Xbox and it gets really annoying. Another thing is that anytime when a friend joins it lags the game hard and sometimes can crash unlike the co-op list we’re it will freeze the game or crash. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the game. But it can do some more work with it’s lag mostly and worry about the other stuff later. Thanks if you do fix this problem. But the co-op menu list should be dealt with asap.
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    Big Problem Saving The Game

    On the planet Exotic, when you’re in mushroom forest the game lags like crazy and barely can move an inch until your underground. I think there should be a less amount of trees or reduce the grafics on them to reduce lag, This is on Xbox btw. Also sometimes when your with another person playing the game it is most likely when you get in a rover or a space shuttle or even the exo hapitater if you get in one your game is at a 50/50 to crash. One last thing the planet Exotic lags so much that if you put items on the ground and unpack them, they are more than likely to fall through the map.