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  1. Hello once again, Why is the 3 seat or large seat (Rover or Shuttle) have to be always monted "backwards" and not turned to the front of the veicle!? It should me movable like it was back on other versions! I personaly dislike it a lot! Thanks
  2. Hi, I've been playing Astroneer since 0.8 and seeing some "pro" players like Zelly and I came to think, would be nice a compass on the Rover for traveling instead of geting out all the time to match coordinates and I was "fishing" for some scrap and it came to me, when you don't have the large Shredder on a Rover, you can't collect scrap, the scrap don't fit on the tags on the plataforms, why not create a "box" for Rovers where you can store scrap!? like a truck that have the "sand box"|? I couldn't carry all types of scrap, but you could collect quite a bit of it, like the solars and al
  3. Hi! - I get my Rovers swalloed all the time when they are parked, thought this update would deal whit it, but this time I couldn't even find it on the caves bellow. I went to another planet gather ressources and when I got back no Rover! - After I spend some time modifying the terrain (making a base or some bridge, etc.) I often get a bug that I can't pick up items, I have to leave to main menu and back to game again. Keep up the good work! Love the Game!