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    where to find lashleaf and bouncevine seed?

    I guess for the achievement (and the fun of course)?
  2. Dr Blake

    Where the iron did go??

    Iron is refined from Hematite that you can find on the moon of Novus. I have heard that Glacio also has deposits of Hematite, but can't confirm that. According to the wiki it does: https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Hematite
  3. Will the experimental clouds be available on Xbox One? They were in the 10.5 ea Terrain 2.0 preview build..but not in the 1.0.1 build. -Blake
  4. Dr Blake

    (XB1X)Tractor bug - Items cannot be removed

    I have the same problem - small generator won't come off. Xbox One X. (I also can't build power extenders..)
  5. Same thing happens with power cells. (on xbox one x)