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  1. Dr Blake

    Portable Oxygenator

    As @Petrataur is saying; you have to turn the PO on and off. Not only can you sustain yourself for a long time, but also your team mates:)
  2. Dr Blake

    Portable Oxygenator

    I use the portable oxygenator all the time and I really think it works quite well. My setup is usually one battery and one or two oxygen tanks plus something to recharge my battery - turbine, solar panel og generator - depending on where I am and what I'm doing. They could maybe nerf the power consumption slightly, but I think having unlimited oxygen would break the game. Having to plan and solve these small obstacles is what makes the game fun! Being totally free is perhaps something that would fit better into the creative mode.
  3. Dr Blake

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    Basically they are working on it, they have made progress, they are testing big saves and there will be patches coming. First one this week.
  4. Dr Blake

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    Love the enthusiasm!
  5. Dr Blake

    Ze Great Gateway Unlocker

    Nice setup! I will try it out - using the medium rover definitely opens up more storage on the large shuttle which might become useful!
  6. Dr Blake

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    Under "Known issues" towards the end of the patch notes - since patch note 1.0.4. "Client desync and performance drops". On the roadmap the priorities are listed under the "post 1.0 patch priorities" and they also talk a little bit about it in this live stream: Would also recommend the Astroneer docu that was posted on youtube yesterday - they talk about the future of Astroneer, although in broad strokes.
  7. Dr Blake

    Slow moving

    To be honest - this has always been an issue. Since 2016. But they are workin on it. In the end I think dedicated servers will be the way to go as the game runs quite smoothly if you're not hosting.. (at least until projects get too big..)
  8. Dr Blake

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    It is possible to maintain some performance for a while if you dont use tethers and don't digg too much, but it will not last forever tho.. Performance updates will hopefully help, but in the end - for big projects - I think dedicated servers will be the best if not only solution.
  9. Dr Blake

    Ze Great Gateway Unlocker

    If you dont mind spending (and finding) a lot of lithium - this is also a good setup.. as you can fit 32 amperes on a single large storage (in addition to one RTG to recharge). This setup is actually overkill as you only need 30 to unlock gates on Atrox. 26 on Glacio shown in the picture.. Bring packed tractor, trailer and drill if you want to drill to core at the same time.
  10. Dr Blake

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    They are working on performance fixes - it has been their top priority for the last couple of weeks. Next patch will be a performance update. https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap
  11. Dr Blake

    Atrox suit missing

    Actually..it unlocked today. I guess it just took some time for the backend services to catch up.
  12. Dr Blake

    Atrox suit missing

    this is probably a (new) bug intoduced with 1.0.8 - I unlocked Calidor yesterday and nothing new was unlocked. Have seen tweets about others experiencing the same thing.
  13. You can also just re-enter the habitat/shelter.
  14. Dr Blake

    where to find lashleaf and bouncevine seed?

    I guess for the achievement (and the fun of course)?
  15. Dr Blake

    Where the iron did go??

    Iron is refined from Hematite that you can find on the moon of Novus. I have heard that Glacio also has deposits of Hematite, but can't confirm that. According to the wiki it does: https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Hematite