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  1. You need more build space for the vehicle bay to build something. If there's not enough room it wont give you an option to build it. + Have you tried detaching the platform (the one with the vehicle bay on it) from all cables and spinning it to face the wrong way and then re connect the cables?
  2. Could also be the terrain is not cleared enough for the vehicle printer build area?
  3. I can relate to this as well, I burrowed down through an Arid world (huge long tunnel, to find a huge cavern) and doing so I dug out a few resources along the way while I was on the way down. But when making trips back and forth exploring and gathering resources I once was 'warped' upwards into another neighboring tunnel above the one I had dug out (I never took any damage or wasn't grabbed by a roof creeper) though I did run out of oxygen as I was trapped in a unexplored region of the cave system.
  4. Correction - This bug seems to happen on all terrain of the radiated world. (Where is the edit post option on this forum???)
  5. Tried a alternate power source? (solar or Wind farming produces more power than the organic burner) Or have you tried laying the organic burner on the terrain and connect them up via cable?
  6. Summary: - Steam - Periodically stuck on the spot while running on the surface of a Radiated world Description: I've been having this random occurance of occasional no movement while running on a radiated planet. I run fine for the most part while moving my character around, but every once and a while I suddenly halt in one place (running animation still takes place) (there is no obstructions) and after sometimes split seconds pass it returns to normal, the problem is though it seems to happen only on un-terraformed terrain and can at times hold your character in place
  7. Summary: - Steam - Erratic Behavior of flattening terrain while flattening on Radiated world Description: I'm currently having unpredictable control over my mouse movements while trying to flatten terrain on a Radiated world. When I hold the "Ctrl" key and press the mouse button flattening starts as per normal, but after a few moments of flattening terrain, the cursor jumps from one location to the next in a still flattening state. I've tried this on multiple worlds so far (Terran,Barren,Arid) and so far Radiated is the only planets this is happening to me. It also doe