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  1. I've had this same problem. Character model keeps running, but it isn't actually going anywhere. Jumping gets him moving again.
  2. I'm seeing the same problem. I've noticed it on Exotic, Arid, and Radiated. Never seen it on Terran. It' makes it really difficult to fill in some of the gaps, because the cursor jumps so far. Version:, Steam.
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    Yes please. This would be super-helpful.
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    Q & E

    Yes, I totally agree. On a similar note, my own post on this topic:
  5. How about: If I'm running along holding the tether key, as soon as I reach the limit of the nearest tether, drop a new tether...
  6. Version: Platform: Steam / Windows 10, running on a LiquidSky cloud gaming machine. I have a Chemistry Lab on Tundra that I started building Plastic at. I left for a while and came back, and part of the plastic is there, part of the Carbon and Compound are gone, but the machine isn't doing anything. I can hold Q to open the menu, and I can scroll left and right to select different things for it to build. If I hit the button to start building, though, nothing happens. I can't grab the partially-completed plastic. I detached and relocated the platform it was sitting on. The partially-completed plastic remains where the Chemistry Lab used to be. I can't pick it up. And I can't remove the partially-used Carbon or Compound from the machine. The machine is just stuck, and I can't find any way to get it to work. I tried leaving the planet and coming back. No difference. I tried exiting and coming back to a save. No difference. I'm not entirely sure how it ended up in this state. My base has power issues, so it's possible while I was far from the base, or when I returned, there wasn't any power. But everything else is working fine (atmospheric condenser, soil extractor, etc).
  7. Right now, there are two main things that make the keyboard controls confusing: 1. Certain keys are overloaded. For instance, tapping Q is different from holding Q, and holding Q does different things depending on whether your cursor is over certain objects in the world. Break all of those apart. For instance, instead of holding Q to go to the Research screen, why not tap R? Instead of holding Q to get details on an object in the world, why not just click on it? Or press a different key? 2. Canceling a screen is sometimes done by tapping the same key that opened it, sometimes done by ESC, and sometimes done by clicking. If I've opened the backpack with Q, I can close it with Q. But if I've opened the research screen with Q, I can't close it with Q; I have to hit ESC. If I've picked up the backpack from one of my bodies, I can't close it with any key; I have to click on the screen. This is confusing. Why not have ESC do all of these (in whatever order makes sense)? Or, if fixing #1 means every screen has a different key, just let that same key close the screen.