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  1. Dreaded

    Impacting ecosystem

    This is awesome, maybe planets could have a value to them, the more balanced they are, the more life and how stable they are could effect this VALUE of the planet. And the better the value of the planet the more trading potential it has, more theoretical value for resources and maybe an ability to give up your ownership of the planet for a price. Game has so much potential
  2. Ability to EVA in space anywhere you want, even close to a planet, you will fall die and lose your spaceship maybe but then you learn a valuable lesson. The games must not become to easy. Look at ksp it's hard, unforgiving and awesome! Asteroids could have resources and research. And you must Eva or build a mining spacecraft.
  3. Dreaded

    Orbital Space Station

    +1 for modular space stations
  4. Dreaded

    YES MANS SKY (My 2 cents)

    Already have just added some input on some of the items on the road map.
  5. Dreaded

    Impacting ecosystem

    Nice idea kinda like the game "eco"
  6. Good day to you guys. Oh and thanks for the AWESOME game! Congrats on the sales, it's an awesome concept I love playing it. My 2 Cents: First of all please never ever remove planet rotation and orbit, it makes the game sooooo imersive. Things like the gravity that reduces as you go deeper into a planet is seriously amazing. The sandbox feel is awesome, haven't felt this good about a game since minecraft. As listed on the road map, hunger and thirst survival mechanic will bring in a lot of awesome Content like farms greenhouses for barren planets, water extractors oh yeah tons of crops that grow procedurally non of that 3 stage growth crap Now a big one..... Hehe liquid water. This would be an amazing addition and a base from which to create DYNAMIC ecosystems, water, evaporation, clouds, rain, life, food, farming, trade, pets, breeding, procedual cross breeding hahaha. I know it's a HUGE undertaking but it would be the next minecraft in space. Water could work like it does in the game "From Dust" that game has amazing water mechanics. Modular parts to create space stations to act as a hub so that you can monitour one of your planets ecosystems life balance, and also act as an hub so that you can move resources to another space station and planet. A choice to choose between the auto easy flight and manual flight. With different parts to design your spaceship different engines life support self sustainability. Could influence travel time if you use auto flight. Would love that feeling when i make sure I packed enough food to last me the trip as I slowly get my old ship into orbit to take back the new seeds and plant life I found to balance my new planet. Physics based driving. Eg the w key turns the wheels of the Rover not move it forward. So suspension, wheel size, ground clearence begins to play a part in vehicle design depending what you need the vehicle for. Would love making good sure my new vehicle has big enough wheels, high enough ground clearance, enough power balance (might have to let it charge one day on my trip those wheels and the terrain uses a lot of power) so that I can get to a colder part of a hot planet to find life that gives the planet value. Terraforming. Yeah I'm tooo ambitious haha. But would be amazing maybe a way to give one of your planets value. Also in the road map i hope, multiple star systems, maybe a telescope you can build to look at distant star systems to see if it's worth it to go there. Don't want to waste all the technology and expensive resources to go to a star that has one planet extremely far away and is just a frozen mess. I have so much ideas lol I'm just going to stop now. Haha this game is amazing and has an awesome foundation. I do trust this game will become amazing. Can't wait. Keep up the awesome work.
  7. Dreaded

    Planet spin

    No please never remove planet rotation, it is essential in the immersion factor. Maybe slow it down a little but never ever remove rotation and/or orbit. The reason I don't play no man sky is because it doesn't have planet rotation.