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  1. Apologies, you're right - battery. Was in the middle of setting up my power station, and got a bit muddled.
  2. I've noticed that I can move through the menium generator like it's not "physically" there - if I try the same on any of the charging devices (solar/wind etc.), I can't move through them
  3. Ah, I see. I did see this posted here, but thought that my encounter was a seperate issue. Thanks for confirming. Yep. A suddeny flash of blue froze me as I thought my SSD died... Thanks
  4. When I was exploring, my whole screen flashed blue for a few seconds. When it cleared, I realised that another planet had, in its orbit, collided and passed through the one I was on. The planets having their own orbit is one of the standout features I think, but they'll have to be modified slightly in order to prevent this
  5. My beacons are visible from another planet
  6. Totally. But it would be nice if there was some HUD/helmet builds that could add some type of numerical feature
  7. It's a nice idea to have plenty of them in your backpack, and yes, a little annoying when they auto deploy - I think you might be right about their origin. However, I didn't actually have any in my backpack (unless they were there previously, and bugged to remain "active" in my backpack?)
  8. That's a shame, and hopefully something that will change. Thanks for the confirmation!
  9. When I started, I lost a few lives as I was so excited to explore that I lost track of my oxygen and didn't make it back to my tethers in time. It'd be nice if there was some type of "alert" system (perhaps you can craft this and mount it in your helmet) - even a series of beeps to job the player's memory.
  10. After returning to a place I died, I accessed my old backpack/inventory (while in a confined cave area) and the camera locked my view of the backpack/inventory to the right of the screen I got everthing, but barely
  11. I tried to disconnect a cable connection and an extender appeared in the middle of the cable. Upon trying to disconnect the extender than appeared, it duplicated again, and again, and again! I swear... I didn't feed them after midnight...
  12. I built a medium shedder and loaded a cannister into it. The shredding animations kicked in, but then it stopped and the cannister remained on top of the shredder
  13. The first shuttle I built is locked in place, and regardless of what I try and do to disloged it, it won't budge. Tried: - Deleting ground below it - Inceasing terrain below it - Slamming rover into it - Using winch
  14. When I load in, sometimes my rover(s) cause a smoke/scatter cloud to appear beneath them. The only way to get rid of it is to approach it and then smoke vanishes. Attached is an example. Terrain was flat, with nothing impacting the vehicle.
  15. I noticed that the visual orientation of the medium battery cells rotates when the camera rotates - in other words, the visual "north" of the cells is always locked to that of the camera