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  1. Thanks mom, I'll try to remember that. By the way, do you know how to post anything without writing an essay? Just curious.
  2. Care to explain the concept that goes with your 5 year old's drawing?
  3. Through data mining the game, I found a lot of cool things, hopefully upcoming features and new resources. Among the list was stuff like: RESOURCES: Argenite, Brass, Bronze, Calaverite, Carbon Fiber, Cassiterite, Complex, Gold, Graphene Alloy, Liquid, Pigment, Platinum, Platinum Ore, Plutonium, Qubit, Radio Active Waste, Rosin, Silicon, Silver, Tin, Uranium COMPONENTS: Anti-gravity, Chassis, Compressor, Crane, Drill, Engine, Fision Reactor, Fuel, Fusion Reactor, Hover Pad, Joint, Strut, Treads, Wheel ITEMS: Data, Food, Ingredients, Plant, Probe, Radiation, Tempera
  4. I wish they would add more resource models instead of just different colors to avoid this confusion. With all their focus on such a unique art style, it seems kinda lazy to just palette swap the same model.