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  1. RenalRubNow

    Memory Leak / Freezes

    I think Steam installs them automatically, though, don't they?
  2. RenalRubNow

    Memory Leak / Freezes

    Just had another total freeze while trying to load the main menu. Had to hard-reboot. Also another freeze when starting the game. Splash came up and froze at exactly 216,604K memory, with 00% CPU usage.
  3. RenalRubNow

    Memory Leak / Freezes

    In various times, I have had the new (1.0.13) Steam version halt before loading the splash screen, during the splash screen, after loading the System Era logo, and on the main screen. The only thing I can do is to pull up Task Manager and end the process. It usually works after 2-4 attempts, but almost always freezes at least once during that process. In addition, on tonight's main screen freeze, I noticed that my Task Manager memory usage for Astroneer crept up into the 14,000,000K range before I shut it down. I suspect a small memory leak... DxDiag pulled, below. 20190319 - DxDiag.txt
  4. RenalRubNow

    Astronner crash after loading screen

    Virukino, I didn't need to drop the graphics before one of the last couple patches, so I don't know what just happened. Also, my memory usage jumped to over 14GB of RAM. Seems there's a leak somewhere.
  5. Similar error. Either COMODO or Astroneer eat up disk resources (one or the other, at various times), and it slows down to a crawl. I also have an apparent memory leak - I'll look and see if I can post in an alternate post. v1.0.13 Steam Win10 64-bit DxDiag attached 20190319 - DxDiag.txt
  6. RenalRubNow

    Tutorial Not Progressing

    I am able to play about 10-15 minutes, connecting and following along the preexisting tethers, out to the mouth of the first cave you come across (about 15 seconds' run from the crashed rover / the base camp that you dig out), but after creating a generator, the game wants me to run to the mouth of the cave and create a Container. I have attempted to create a canister where the tag is, as well as at several other places, but the tutorial will not progress.