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  1. Maybe you could salvage the backpacks for backpack parts, and customize the storage, power, and O2
  2. Certainly wouldn't mind that, that looks dope as hell. Though the old-school aesthetic of the traditional periodic table kinda matches the old NASA tech scattered I think? I'm not sure, but those look awesome
  3. I agree, the balance of the backpack system is delicate and interesting. I just think that permanently increasing power, storage, and oxygen capacity of the backpack would be cool, even if only late game
  4. I've recently been thinking about the backpack in Astroneer. Overall, I think the systems and layout of the backpack are great, but I think an upgrade system could fit in Astroneer. Of course, any extension to the backpack should be tremendously expensive, or almost exclusively late-game. I think the way it could work would be rather simple. At the small printer, you'd use expensivve resources to print a chunk of the backpack. It would be like 2 bars of the battery, and two slots for additional items.essentially, they'd just be extra rows of two added onto the bottom. Two or three would be mo
  5. I definitely agree. I didn't even know that hydrazine was a real thing until i looked it up a couple weeks ago. It would 100% make sense to just use nitrogen and hydrogen in the chemistry lab to make it, as hydrazine is just a compound of the two. Since the makeup is actually N2H4 its a 2:1 ratio, so the two main ingredients would be two hydrogen with nitrogen on the side.
  6. I'm really glad you like the idea, and yes, it would make a great upgraded research chamber. you could put in all the weird little research plants and little rocks in. I think itd be super cool if the gas pumpkins and the exploders dropped a unique object like the lures and spikers. This would also make sense for a way to change the tumble-spikes' organic into a new, unique object, like the seeds and the space-raisins.
  7. How come there's no rain? Rain would only make sense on Terran and Exotic, but I think rain/thunderstorms would definitely fit into Astroneer in general. Terran and Exotic obviously have atmospheres. The amount of flora would definitely cause them to form, and there are even clouds. If water exists in a gaseous form, it would make sense to have use for the liquid. They wouldn't even need to effect gameplay in any way necessarily, I just think rain could give the game more life, and a stronger, more natural feel. They would by no means replace the sandstorms already present, they'd be merely
  8. all you need to do is mouse over them and it displays the name. while I don't disagree that they're a little too similar, its not like its a mystery which resource is which
  9. Astroneer's resources are exceptionally cool. From the little unique symbols they each have, to the musical tone- sound effect when they're collected, to the way each little particle stacks into the shape of the resource. I think I can safely speak for most Astroneers when I say that when new resources are added, its incredibly exciting. The first time I played a world enough to have every machine, and everything unlocked, I decided to go on an interplanetary expedition and collect every resource. I also made a point of trying to collect every tier 1 research object, just for fun. (I don't thi