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    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    It seems to be super crashy, it just outright exits after 10 or 15 minutes of play, does seem to be save dependent, my post endgame save barely lasts 5 minutes, one of my other saves lasts an hour, but they all crash. I can't find any crash reports but I'll happily forward them if you tell me where they are.
  2. This happens in single player too.
  3. Pongo Sapiens

    Physics Bugs

    How was this game released with physics bugs that were repeatedly reported throughout the EA phase. None of the "falling through the world" bugs seem to have been fixed by "Terrain 2.0" despite the promises that they would be, and it's now impossible to excavate ANY buried or partially buried EXO stuff without it vibrating wildly and frequently exploding from the earth and flying a significant difference. It's the FIRST time I've ever seen a game regress between EA and release.
  4. Pongo Sapiens

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Why are storms still a thing? What part of "lets force players to regularly not play our game for at least a minute or suffer random unavoidable death" continues to seem like a good idea? It doesn't add "tension" to the game, it adds frustration and boredom. Apart from that, the game keeps getting better, but please lose storms. Pongo