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  1. hm...can't find the last two seeds
  2. Yup, radiated planet is really glitchy. Happened to me also when playing, I have to constantly jump to move in any direction.
  3. drunk3nturtl3 - Large Rover seat always facing the wrong way

    I haven't tried the 3 seater yet but you can probably just cycle through 'z' and 'x' to orient it correctly. It worked for me with single shuttle seat and single rover seat. Just build it and pick it up then use z and x.
  4. I have yet to see the container holding atmosphere gasses to full. Despite how long I leave it on it's always at 1/5 full.
  5. drunk3nturtl3 - STEAM - gravity launches me through ceiling

    It's not the cave lures that kill me. When I'm just exploring not the deep underground level but like the very 1st layer of the planet. Like on exotic planet some of the tunnels are really close (ground to ceiling) and I would randomly just launch out through the ceiling. I'm guessing the compression of something is what's causing it?
  6. Randomly when I'm exploring underground in the various planets (barren, exotic), I would suddenly get boosted through the ceiling really high and eventually die when I land. Don't know if this is an issue or if it's just me.
  7. drunk3nturtl3

    patch - missing resources

    Actually seems like only laterite is missing.
  8. I noticed after patching to, resources are missing. Such as malachite and laterite, not sure if other resources are missing. In caves there is a lot of nothing.