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    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    1 make it possible to make trees dissapear near your base 2 work more whith light please becuse nights can be pretty dark 3 make a option to tun flashlight off same whith rovers 4 make spaceships able to moeve ( i got 2 stuck in the same place) 5 more enemies 6 make a option to remoeve clouds becuse markers can dissapear behind clouds 7 if you go whith your mouse over your astronaut you see a compass circle can you please make a small part of it blue that pionts to your base (i get lost al lot on the map) 8 when you go to a other planet the craft menu of my astronaut shakes sometimes can you fix this please i really like the game that you are creating its a lot of fun to play
  2. wesley

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Hi i think the update is great its always fun when new recources are added to the game but i have some futere ideas. 1 at the compas circle around your character can you make a tiny bit of that circle blue and that blue part points to your base. I think its a great idea becuse i sometimes lose my base ? 2 nights are pretty dark so can you make some plants that gife of light and i just want to say how great your game is