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  1. I was able to build it on Barron but not Terran
  2. Korrasami

    Mouse Momentum

    thanks but this momentum is hindering my ability to move about.
  3. Korrasami

    Mouse Momentum

    When ever I use my mouse to move my camera it always has a bit of momentum and the camera continues to move for a split second after I stop moving my mouse. This happens in my steam games too.
  4. For me the most annoying thing in this AMAZING game is carrying research items around. It’s clunky and hard to walk, especially on console. My solution: Have a dedicated single slot on the backpack for research. If you have a research item in said slot you cannot pick up another research item with your cursor and you cannot operate vehicles. It has the same effective functionality as the current system but doesn’t have the annoying mechanic. I love your game and have been playing for a long time! Thanks System Era!