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  1. With the small solar panels, I always have trouble when deploying them as a stand-alone instead of on a platform, so a holographic outline would be very difficult. I find myself putting it down, then having to pick it up and rotate it.
  2. It's clear you've have done a lot more thought on the subject! I am liking this idea more and more as I learn more about how space elevators would be implemented.
  3. Maybe you could unlock blueprints for the backpacks you've already found?
  4. I havnt really considered space elevators. That would also be an interesting mechanic that I would rather enjoy. I would think they would also take up quite a lot of space and Im not 10p% sure how they would work. I know the genral principles behind them, I've donea bit of resurch. I would really like to see space elevators in game
  5. Maybe it could work kind of like how the trade plateform works?
  6. Your probably right, either way, I'm excited for whatever they have planned.
  7. I agree with you, being able to permanently upgrade your backpack would be an awesome idea. How they have made the game and how they have managed 'upgrading' though is quite interesting. For example, shuttles. You start with your small shuttle, which opens you up to enough possibilities to acquire the latter two shuttles. Kind of like, upgrading. But by just getting a completely new shuttle. An interesting thought would be in just how you would acquire an upgraded backpack. Maybe say, you can't craft anything to upgrade your current backpack. Or if you can there very minor even late
  8. The drop pods main function is just to give you a starting spot for your base. It gives you two slots to put a solar panel or whatever you would like, and some cables to plug into your printer. As much as I would love to be able to have some smooth starting surface and big habitat like on Terran, I think that the drop pods use is just fine. Maybe balancing how hard it is to acquire could be another option.
  9. Personally, I haven't had trouble finding enough ammonium. Though yes it is still a hassle to go out and search for it. Seeing as how you use hydrazine for more than just fuel now but also for making some other resources I can see this becoming a problem. You crafting solution is a great idea and I rather like it. I think just having the option to make it would be a great addition. I don't mind having to go out and collect ammonium, but I can see where you're coming from. Being able to craft it the way you've suggested makes perfect sense.
  10. I was quite upset myself when I found out I couldn't shred some things even with the large shredder. Another option would be adding a compacter. That would take some larger things, and squish them into shreddable pieces. It still wouldn't get everything but would add a lot more options. I don't know if I agree completely with the disassemble idea. Not completely with being able to disassemble things, but more with the balancing aspect of it. I think it would balance out better to get the less rare resources, or maybe even just one random one that makes up the item. Another thought would b
  11. The idea of increasing the backpack storage size is quite an interesting one and I've given it some thought over my time playing the game, as I've been quite annoyed in how short my trips to the caves are, or could be without a rover with storage capabilities. Though in the game, we do have o2 tanks which we can put on our backpack as well as batteries for extra power. Adding both of each of those already takes up two slots though and with the limited space that's quite a sacrifice. I've actually come to understand and respect how they have balanced the backpack. Do you sacrifice preciou
  12. On the Astroneer Steam new page, on there post on there 1.0 release and some content they were planning on adding there was a paragraph about them adding a 'directed experience' to the game. Here is that paragraph. 'And while many players enjoy the self-guided sandbox experience of Astroneer, "We've also heard this call of people want stuff to do," Tirado said. "They want directed goals, they want exposition about the universe we built." These goals will be a part of version 1.0. These aren't quests, Tirado told me, and there won't be a proper campaign in Astroneer. But players inte
  13. The idea of the satellites was my main inspiration for this post. I'm throwing a few ideas through my mind on the applications of satellites. Such as, if it would be better for gameplay to have satellites available before a shuttle. This would make it available to plan your missions with more knowledge of the resources like you said. I think this could be accomplished with something like the Voyager spacecraft, just with a few different bells and whistles.
  14. I would prefer it to not be a DLC honestly, I'm just saying I would probably pay a little money if it was a DLC.
  15. Your absolutely right, the low gravity of the planets etc leave no need for multi-stage rockets. I just personally like multi-stage rockets for there satisfaction of watching them work. I really enjoy Kerbal Space program. This game has a very simple shuttle system which I think is on purpose, not putting a lot of focus on how you get into space and to other planets. It a big part of the game but they made it very simple. Aerospike rockest would be a better option though, they would make more sense to get satellites into orbit.