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  1. In my case it locks up before this, before the game loads full-screen, when you just have a rectangular picture of some Astroneers.
  2. Platform: Steam, keyboard and mouse This happened to me when the Wanderer update came out, and again today with the Holiday update. I launch the game and get the splash screen. I wait for up to five minutes and am still at the splash screen. When I check Task Manager, there are several processes that seem like they are related to Astroneer running, but there is no CPU usage. I kill Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe and then re-start the game again. The second time it loads through to the menu fine, and the problem doesn't seem to repeat until the next time the game gets updated.
  3. Platform: Steam, mouse and keyboard This has happened to me occasionally in the past, but happened repeatedly today after the Holiday update. While walking or running across smooth ground (either created with the flatten option on the terrain tool, or smooth-ish natural terrain), the astroneer will stop walking/running as if he has hit a solid object. Jumping usually allows me to progress forward, but it is annoying. Today while playing on Novus it would happen every 5-10 steps. I was playing on a prior save from the Wanderer update (and earlier).
  4. I'd actually like to see non-broken items be made non-shreddable, or change shredding so that it doesn't output scrap. The reason I think functional items should not be shreddable is that the soil centrifuge provides a way to turn soil into the non-metal resources, and you can use those resources to build objects which you can then shred. You can then use the scrap on the trade platform to trade for all of the metal resources, so soil centrifuge + shredder + trade platform means you have no reason to explore for resources after that. Making functional items non-shreddable would remove this exploit and require you to either explore other planets for the metal resources, or at least explore the planet you are on to find the broken items so you can scrap them. Alternately, the shredder could output the resources that went into an item when you shred it. That means if you printed something only to find out that it didn't work the way you thought it would, you can shred it and at least get the non-gas resources back. This would also address the issue with being able to get any resource without having to explore that I outlined above. Of course, without scrap, the trade platform would have to change. Instead of an exchange rate between scrap and the resources on offer, it would have to be an exchange rate between any resource and the resources on offer, or they could limit the input resources to the metals (again to prevent creating all resources via the soil centrifuge).
  5. Slightly off-topic, but in addition to a way to transport debris on a rover, I would like improvements to transporting debris on foot. I have previously suggested some kind of container like the cylinder that could store small pieces of debris. It would also be nice if all debris could be grabbed directly like some items (broken drop pod, broken medium generator, broken medium wind turbine, etc) can be. It seems like if it has the studs on the bottom you can grab it, but otherwise you have to use the lasso, and walking back with something in the lasso is so much slower than if you can hold it.
  6. deus777

    Astroneer Crash

    Astroneer crashed for the third time on me today. I don't think I had crashes in the past, only recently. I sent the Logs folder and DXDiag output to the support email as requested. In all of the cases where the game has crashed, I am not doing anything unusual - I am in my base, moving around when the game freezes and the sound starts repeating. After a few seconds, the game crashes back to my desktop.
  7. deus777

    The Medium Storage can't be open

    Same here. They used to unfold and lay flat on the far left and right but don't any more. I don't know whether this is a bug or a design decision, since they look different from when I played the game previously, but please bring back the lay-flat behavior! It is harder to work with the medium storages when they are like this; you have to either go around the back to use the other four slots, or turn them edge-on - but the snapping of things to the slots can be hard to work with. It was so much easier to use them when they laid flat.
  8. I ran into this as well. Noticed my batteries draining when nothing was running. Taking the research chamber off of its platform stopped the drain.
  9. deus777

    Soil Centrifuge still stucks

    I ran into this twice tonight. For me, I have only seen it when I have lost power while the centrifuge was running.
  10. deus777

    terrain bug

    I ran into something similar. In the cave, I fell through an area and bounced down and back up through the terrain. When I was under, I could see clusters of resources hanging in midair in the lower levels, with no terrain around them. I was able to reproduce this three times while I was in the area, but when I returned to the same spot later to try to get a screenshot of the effect, I no longer fell through.
  11. deus777

    Idea for terrain tool and making slopes

    I am also in favor of an improvement either to the terrain tool, or as a augment, that would help you create slopes. As it is right now, I can create a slope up or down over a gap (or through a solid), but it is time-consuming and I don't know until I try walking on it whether the slope is too steep. While a very configurable tool as suggested above might be nice (as long as it could be made easy to use), I would settle for an augment that just created a slope up or down that was exactly at the angle where you can walk up the slope and walk down the slope without sliding.
  12. I think the current system for research is fine for the basics, but by the time I was ready to leave Terran to find new resources, I already had all of the research points I needed to unlock everything, and a bunch of extra resource pods that I had dug out but never carried back to base. While I ended up creating a research scanner on the next two planets, I wouldn't have needed to. That seems strange to me - research is one of the few base components that you don't really need to build after Terran. And yet, there are many varieties of research pods, and they are on every planet. It seems like a waste to put all of that diversity into the game just for me to ignore most of it. I think the game needs some of the randomness of the original research system put back in. Basically, give me a reason to want to scan the additional research pods, even when I have already unlocked the core blueprints. My suggestion: add upgraded versions of the core blueprints into the game, and make them random unlocks when you scan a new type of research pod for the first time. The upgrades I am thinking of would be things like: a cylinder that holds 50% more soil, or an oxygen tank that holds 25% more oxygen. Generators that produce more power, etc. Basic upgrades like this wouldn't require visual changes to the items themselves, just to their values in the game. Maybe some of the unlockables could be new items that are not critical to gameplay: a parachute that saves you from falling damage, for example. This idea accomplishes two main things: gives the player incentive to keep looking for the new research pods and scanning them, and adds some variety to the game.
  13. While playing on Exotic, I entered a cave and walked in a short distance. Suddenly, my astroneer fell or was pulled through the ground. I saw several layers of terrain flash by, then finally the black tentacle and red light of a dangler, and then my astroneer died. I'm not sure if the bug is that the dangler was able to pull me through multiple layers (from above it), or just that I fell through the ground, but I knew I was never getting the stuff on my backpack back. I went back to the same cave and didn't fall through, but I can't be sure exactly where I fell through the first time.
  14. deus777

    idea Scrap bin's

    In addition to the bin for vehicles, it would be nice to have the equivalent for the backpack, to hold the small pieces of scrap that can fit into the medium scrapper.
  15. I have had this happen to me, only on Tundra's surface so far. Once it killed me, once injured me, and once I was unhurt. All three times near my base/landing point.