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    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    well here is the thing... the day after i posted that i created a new world only to find a world with more of those chunk load errors in ten minutes than i found after 3 hours on the old world, and so i figured i was far better off using the old world. i mean really those are the only "new" errors i found after about 5 hours of playtime. also forgot to mention the glitch i found before the update that enables you to have floating base parts; simply build the ground up and place the part on it so it clings to it and remove the soil supporting it. i have been using this glitch for ages and as far as i can tell it has been there even before i discovered it about 4 updates ago.
  2. bella mulligan

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    love the new update. found some bugs already. the world previous to the crafting update that is my main one has chunks of the world that now are shaped differently than before causing sections of the world to open and i being the curious person I am decide to see what happens if I walk in... turns out gravity is reversed in those places and it shot me through the ground clear to the surface with enough momentum to send me into the stratosphere and i am guessing somebody musta programmed the game to ignore fall damage since it has yet to kill or even hurt me and it is now my favorite method to return to the surface. also can't seem to find ANY iron, i even went to the trouble of making 15 backpacks full of tethers and going far beyond the furthest i had ever gone. kinda annoying since i was almost ready to go to space....