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  1. As the title says, the large shuttle seat always faces inwards. I tried moving the printer around to the other sides, tried putting a large storage first. It doesn't matter what I do, the large seat will always face inwards, the wrong way around. Edit: because I got the tip on Discord, Z and X unfortunately only work on items that already exist. If I press X in the build menu it just turns off the work light.
  2. I overall like the update. Everything is a bit more tedious but also purposeful. The one thing I'm not a fan of, because it's illogical, is the Trading Platform only taking Scrap now. As if Scrap has become this interplanetary uber currency and everything else is now worthless to everyone but oneself. At that point why even call it Trading Platform. It's essentially a Shop you pay with Scrap at. No trading to be found. Maybe if instead of scrap the Shredder would output "Tradeable Containers" and I could throw everything in, also other resources (at a loss of course), then I could ge
  3. So, fixed the Chemistry Lab which is cool. However it destroyed my home planet to a point where I'll essentially have to start my 30h+ game over. I'm not talking little surface cracks here and there, I'm talking destruction on a planetary scale. No matter where I go I'm looking into the abyss ? ? ?
  4. You're right, thank you! It was listed as a Known Issue and got hotfixed. Problem solved ?
  5. I'm a bit stuck on my planet. I can no longer produce Hydrazine. I put all the ingredients into the new Hydrazine Catalyzer but it never seems to finish. Captured my failed attempt here:
  6. Eh, seat not habitat obviously. A crane works too and has the advantage of not having to get her character in and out of the seat to regain driving control but disadvantage is that the crane is always extended.
  7. It's the same on PC and hardware beyond a certain point doesn't play any role in it. I'm on a six core i7-7800X with 64GB Ram and a 1080 TI. When I play solo I get around 120 fps. When I host multiplayer and my brother joins the game it drops to between 5-20 fps. Depending on what he's doing. It's particularly bad when he's digging up the ground. When you start a fresh game fps is okay but as your base grows it drops to unplayable. I can tune the graphics sliders from everything on low to everything on ultra and back without any perceivable effect on framerate. So what we're generally doi