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  1. Wedge

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    I usually only use rovers only on Terran. The game is set sometime in the 25th Century. As for push buttons, I think that's just part of the vintage design inspiration. The artistic freedom for development doesn't have to expressly match reality. All the crashed satellites made to resemble real world counterparts are just Easter eggs, like the marbles, and were probably design studies for how to model in game modules, etc. Early rover designs looked more like the Lunar Rover from the Apollo missions, but now they're more akin to Self-Propelled Modular Transporters.
  2. Wedge

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    Yeah, Barren seems to be the meta for research and avoiding storms.
  3. Wedge

    Dump Truck

    Congratulation, you posted this suggestion one hour after pretty much the exact same idea was suggested by @Pichu. Of course, using Google reveals there was an ever earlier topic: Have a good one.
  4. Wedge

    Automation mod

    As brevity is the soul of wit, readability of Shadow Echo's comments have long been sold to the Devil, and then re-gifted to Cthulhu.
  5. Wedge

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    Maybe not only a refactor, but research-able suit upgrades to mitigate them even further in late game. I don't see storms as something that needs to bother advanced play. Highly developed saves can just have bases relocated underground. Something so easily circumvented should just be curtailed. Understandably, the storms are there at fist to provide a challenge to tether bound Astroneers, and to force them underground to explore, but later it isn't necessary. It's on the Trello, so we'll all just have to see what the fix is gonna be.
  6. Wedge

    Trees are annoying

    Wish there was a feller buncher attachment for the crane. Would help greatly with cutting down, and disposing of trees. Lovely, Factorio logic.
  7. I see that all the time on new saves. It happens for every planet I place beacons on.
  8. Wedge

    Unused Resources

    These can be easily looked up, but for convenience: Argenite - Silver Ore Brass - Copper-zinc alloy Bronze - Copper-tin alloy Calaverite - Gold ore Carbon Fiber - Likely sourced from Graphite/Carbon Cassiterite - Tin ore Complex - n/a Graphene Alloy - n/a Liquid - Maybe source of Water Pigment - n/a, maybe temporary value Radio Active Waste - Likely byproduct of some form of nuclear energy production Rosin - Likely sourced from Resin Silicon - Likely sourced from Carbon/Quartz/Argon I wonder if those would be produced by the Big Purple anomaly in the trailer. Quibits are quantum values, as compared to binary bytes. I suppose these indicate we're getting interchangeable locomotors/drives for ground vehicles.
  9. Wedge

    Atomics and Miscellaneous

    Thanks, I hope they're added too. Yes, right now most upgrade assets are just better versions, or merely access new resource. I wanted to make suggestions that added depth to game-play by providing separate options. The narrow selection of widgets mean there is little trade-off to adding only oxygen tanks and work lights. Filters are nice, but they are a large resource draw, and constant bother to make. Players use backpack power anyways to make Filters in the field. Adding a high-cost, permanent, but power reliant solution (Scrubber) seems like not just an upgrade, but change of pace. Perhaps someone wants to trade off oxygen for better safety - so they go for a Dampener. Of course, it's a powerful life-saver, so making one requires the player to first research/make the Chemistry Lab. Astroneers have to learn important lessons, like not jumping from great heights at will, but once they finally get a Dampener, falls are not such a big deal. It acts as a relief to constant danger - that seems to linger even in the late game. It is not immune, but the option to jump down for longer falls will reward players that stuck it out and invested time and resources.
  10. It that an old save loaded after the game updated?
  11. Wedge

    Some Idias

    To save space, and add capacity (plus prevent scrap from jumbling around and falling out over rough terrain), instead of a simple bin, make the container a trash compactor. Heck, add crane attachment (scrap claw) to pick up items without a secondary Astroneer having to exit the vehicle to load the scrap. A claw would be very helpful during storms, or even with heavy scrap pieces; and maybe could be able to pull out partially buried scrap. It might also have future applications for collecting hostile plants. When the rover gets back to base, take out the newly formed compacted scrap chunk and toss it in the shredder with one swift motion. The shredder might have to chew on the block for an extended period (since its compressing a large amount of material), but it's less monotonous than getting back with a bin and having to dig out all the pieces and chuck them in.
  12. This is likely becasue while attached (slotted), certain modules don't have a physical radius. In other words, they're rendering as a visible object, but don't have an interacting surface. It would seem printers adjust print location based on interactive surfaces (ground, open slots, crates , etc.) Vehicles would be extreamly limited mobility wise if modules protruding in-front, and behind, had hit boxes; becasue they would collide with terrain, and hinder clearance. Thus, this is just a technical snafu that likely wont ever be fixed. Of course, that's just a supposition based on how most games handle this kind of situation.
  13. Wedge

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    That's optimization... which isn't really the focus of the suggestions asked for. Besides, this isn't the thread. Try this one:
  14. Wedge

    Helmet Light System

    A headlamp toggle, or ambient light sensing for switching headlamps, might be a polish feature we could see before 1.0. It's something that defiantly needs to be added... it doesn't make sense that Work Lights can be turned on/off, but suit lights cannot. Of course, this feature isn't a priority. It would also be nice if seats could have their lights toggle-able, so players could have additional working light near vehicles, and to help locate them in the dark.