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  1. A giant spaceship should be added to the game which would be able to carry a lot of cargo + should be able to deploy spacestations and if other solar systems ever get added it should be able to go there but to launch it you will need a special launch platform where the rocket stands on a grill where the fire can burst out of the sides (like a real launch platform) everything in the path of the flames coming out the sides should be destroyed/killed
  2. NateStole

    New Power (Nuclear)

    Great idea but maybe it should use 5 recources instead of ten for the same amount of power becouse i can also place 1 platform filled with medium solars and one with windmills and that will give me the same amount of power they should also make it as big as the large storage
  3. NateStole


    Idea 1: A backack extension that will double the size of you backpack but will cost a couple of rare materials like titanium and tungstun and maybe lithium so you wont be able to get it when you just start Idea 2: Base builden with actual walls foundations roofs and stuff like that becouse i and many other really hate the building with the building gun thing