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  1. Me and my friend were about to scrap a medium resorce canister in a n XL-scraper. As soon as i put it in the Scrapper started to spew out thousands of tinny items. (they look to me like small holding slots) It crashed both our games a few seconds after it started but luckly we could still access the world (we have since burried them deep underground and that explains the hole in the screenshop) We have scrapped many resorce canisters before in the scrapper so we think it had something to do with the canister still had one piece of heminite still in it I'm reporting this bc on a server with losts of players someone could do this and crash everybody's game PS: Sorry for the bad grammer
  2. I thank you for your advice. unfortunately it has not worked despite me trying it 2 times and also uninstalling then reinstalling the game. I hope all of you and others with this problem will find a solution and get your progress back. PS: I will be getting around to talking to professional if I can not find a solution by October. again thank you for all your help.
  3. i have the same problem. i uninstalled and reinstalled the game but nothing worked. although i would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling since it has worked for some people. if you know any more about this problem it would be a great help if you could tell us on this forum. thanks PS i am playing on Xbox one