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  1. PixelTheOne

    Planet bug

    there's no need to explain
  2. PixelTheOne

    Vehicle steering bug

    I was playing with my 2 friends and we built the small rover. My friends were able to drive the car normally, but when I tried to drive the controls were messed up. Something like A was forward, S was left and else. The weird thing is that when i press any button then the controls switch to something totally else. I checked the control settings, but these were okay. This also occurs with the medium rover and the large rover. Does anyone know a fix? This is really really annoying to not be able to drive the cars.
  3. PixelTheOne

    Multiplayer performance

    So i noticed that when you host a game, one player gives -30 FPS, but the players that join have normal FPS. When will it be fixed?
  4. PixelTheOne


    The issue is that when you are building multiple bases on planets, the FPS drop. Like A LOT. When i had a base on the earth planet I had 90 FPS, and then when I built one on the moon, I had 30. My question is, when will it be fixed?
  5. PixelTheOne

    Resource Locator

    I don't agree. That would make the game a lot easier. Like A LOT. But i see this in game ONLY if the tool would be upgradable with the modules only found on other planets and would cost 10k bytes.
  6. PixelTheOne

    New survival mode

    Hi, my idea is to make a separated mode named the "Survival mode", where we would have hunger and thirst. Water could be found on the leaves of the big trees and you could drink it straight or pick it up to a separate container named the "Water container". The container would be like a normal dirt container, but would store water, which you can drink. And there also could be a machine that would produce water over time, like a fuel condenser. Food could be made by a special new module that would make food rations from maybe organic stuff? A player could also pick these rations up to take them for exploring. Also a farm could be added, where you would plant crops and when they grow up, you can pick them up and get a straight food ration to the equipment. Farms would also need water to work. When starting a new world, the modules would be in the starter pack. I would love to see that mode in the game. I think it will attract many more players, the casual ones, who just like exploring and building, and the players who like an extra spice to the game. Thank you for reading!