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  1. EXCITED! Great Vlog.
  2. Hello! I came on here to report the same issue but saw your post. I wanted to add to it if you don't mind to cut back on clutter. I have been playing for about 30 hours now. After exploring the planets and starting small colonies, I started a multiplayer game with my wife and noticed that the new game was very smooth and not laggy at all. I was dealing with lag in my solo game constantly toward the end. Does the addition of objects lag the game over time? I know it is still alpha, I just wanted to report what I feel I experienced in my gameplay. Thank you
  3. First, this game is great. I am excited to see what the future holds. I first searched for my topic as per instructions and did find some things related. I also noticed the last relatable suggested post was in January of 2018. I thought it wouldn't hurt to put this request in again to advocate for those of us with that inverted touch. Suggestion: The inverted option works in traveling mode but once the backpack is opened or LT is pressed, the cursor is no longer inverted. Please keep cursor inverted throughout all applications. Thank you.