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  1. spreatty

    Shuttle landing points

    It is possible to tow vehicles via winch to other planets? I've read that it is not possible. Normally I use configuration including crane and shredder mounted on rover. In that way you may shred salvage immediately instead of bringing it to base. Considering that wrecked seat gives 1 scrap, it is very storage-efficient. However, sometimes something may go wrong...
  2. I've had funny situation when came back to Terran. I have 2 vehicle bays: for vehicles and for shuttle. And I confused them... ? My suggestion: let a vehicle bay be a landing point only if a shuttle was built with it. And I haven't seen that rover again ? ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 10.09.2018 01_29_36 (1).mp4
  3. And then I spent 10 minutes to get it out ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 09.09.2018 22_46_38 (2).mp4
  4. Still randomly jump into space on Barren. New world, created yesterday.
  5. spreatty

    Storms Need to be gone or fixed

    I prefer having storms, but I would like them to be an actual threat. Like let 'em throw bigger particles, move any non-anchored stuff like vehicles, items, maybe even platforms without connections.
  6. This happens to me sometimes, but only on Barren and never on Terran. And I haven't been on other planets yet. P.S. It's not the highest jump I've done this way
  7. Okay, so this thing appears every game load and disappears after a while.
  8. And then I went to cave and when I came back it disappeared.
  9. So I just loaded saved game and there is it. And I didn't make it (obviously, because there is no way to create one-sided terrain). And it is not removable, using normal terrain tool on is like using terrain with inhibitor.
  10. Turned out I found other rovers that are parts of generated world, and found my actual rovers One still hangs stucking in ceiling.
  11. Well, I found them in a cave nearby. And all of the parts (seats, solar panel, etc.) are detached and wrecked );
  12. Hi, strange thing happened while I was far from my base, so not much information on it. WAS: I have a base. I have "train" of 4 connected medium rovers. Train cars: Medium rover with 1-seat and medium solar panel on top and medium turbine on front Medium rover with large storage with 2 medium storage placed on sides of large storage and a work light on of the medium storage Medium rover with large storage Medium rover with 1-seat and medium solar panel on top and medium turbine on front (copy of 1) ACTIONS: I printed a large rover with 1-seat on top and wanted to test it. So I took 1 medium solar panel and 2 medium turbines from train and put them on large rover. While performing this operation I disconnected train dividing it into two parts each having rover with seat and rover with storage. Then I went far from base on the large rover. Then there was a night with very few wind, so I stuck with no battery in the middle of nowhere. I exited the vehicle and was hiking around. Then I quit the game. After some time I launched game again, played a little more waiting for morning or wind, and quit again. After some more time I launched game again. This time I waited for sun and when vehicle received power I went back to base. When I came back there was only 1 medium rover with large storage. 2 rovers with seat and 1 rover with large storage with 2 medium storage on it disappeared. I drove around base, but there was nothing. Also no sandstorms happened while I was absent (at least such that I could see or hear). NOW: Present: number #3 from "WAS" list Disappeared: numbers #1, #2, #4 from "WAS" list SETUP: Steam Usually Steam Controller, but this session (which includes 3 game launches) I played with keyboard and mouse All session have been played on the same laptop Ask freely for any other information like detailed base setup or screenshots or system specs.