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  1. The Bionic Cyclist

    PS4 Mouse support

    I've tried the PS4 version and OMG the joypad is hard compared to keyboard and mouse. So I tried a keyboard and mouse on the PS4, the keyboard works just fine, but the mouse does nothing. Is there something I need to do to enable it? TIA Daz.
  2. The Bionic Cyclist

    Is the Lunar Lander Staying?

    What about a Mars rover somewhere? That could be cool.
  3. The Bionic Cyclist

    Extra Large Soil Centrifuge and More Soil Storage

    I like this idea too. +1
  4. The Bionic Cyclist


    I think it's transparancies, if there's a lot of transparent stuff on show, it can chugg a little. Also the game is VERY CPU intensive, I upgraded to a 2700X and RTX 2070 and it smoothed things out a lot. I do suffer from frame dips though from time to time.
  5. The Bionic Cyclist


    I know Nvidia sold it as being easy to add... but I'm not a dev. Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to implement?
  6. The Bionic Cyclist


    +1 Please please please please... Tiny planet photos of tiny planets! 360 photos and 360 3D in VR... oh my. The Witness tiny planet
  7. The Bionic Cyclist

    Base Locator?

    Make several beacons and put them on the top of hills and spread them out. There's always quartz around somewhere to make more. Also follow the dense patch of stars. Also remember the compass heading. Just saying.
  8. Seeing as you guys have access to both discord and the game files and animations for astroneer, why not create custom avatars and emojis? Make them out of the dancing astroneers, just saying! Give back to the very vibrant discord server you have
  9. The Bionic Cyclist

    Rocket Launch loop bug

    Fixed, as you can see from the video, the landing area would leave the rocket unbalanced. I landed in a different location, but still close by, and edited the terrain. I can now land there again.
  10. The Bionic Cyclist

    Rocket Launch loop bug

    PC: Windows 10 (build unknown) Ryzen 2700x (aircooled) 16GB DDR4 (3000ghz) Astroneer location - F: Samsung 970 M.2 (500GB) RTX 2070
  11. The Bionic Cyclist

    Rocket Launch loop bug

    I have a bug where I land on a planet or moon and the rocket just launches before I can get out. I can't stop it now, it just keeps happening and I can no longer play the game. Platform: PC/Steam Version 1.0
  12. The Bionic Cyclist

    Locating Astroneer Save files

    My apologies, I hadn't noticed.
  13. The Bionic Cyclist

    Space elevators and space stations

    lol, I like the idea Last week I tried building a bridge from the moon to terran. You just get to a set height and you can't build anymore... It made a freaking awesome slide though.
  14. The Bionic Cyclist

    This is so funny bug report

    That's nothing I've seen the truck wheels and axels walk, just like a cartoon car would.
  15. The Bionic Cyclist


    They're completely useless to players, but as The Touch of Grey Gamer said, they make nice decorations, and handy lights too