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  1. The Buggy (as well as othe vehicles) rear wheels glitch and i have to remove terrain to get driving, failure to send power to wheels from power generators and power storage devices, framerate drop severaly when in high foliage areas (forests, grass plains, etc.), few other bugs are found but result in loss of items (very irrietating), and small bugs (often funny but also annoying after repeating multiple times).
  2. Do we have to requrchase the game if we bought the Game Preview (Xbox) or Early Access (Steam) version of Astroneer when it launches?
  3. Oh ok. Well it glitched my game affecting the gameplay, framerate, physics, and the controls so it makes it difficult to get things done.
  4. I was playing Astroneer and found an unkown black and white swirled ball that emits light from it but when i tried to research it nothing on the Research Chamber computer came up to research it and then when i took it off the platform and moved it, the ball glitched out my storage unit which had natural resources stored and the container fell through the ground and disappeared and when i left the game the load time takes longer then usual. Gamertag for Xbox is Ichigo Nitro. Ill be notified of replies to this post for direct contacg email me for questions or post them below. Email: damon.bolenbaugh@gmail.com
  5. The items i find to purchase with Bytes are found in grey build some for the Medium Fabricator arent available on the machines control panel. Please that items so i can proceed.