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    Resource balancing may be off.

    I also found out the 1st subterranean "level" is loaded with compound.
  2. Harlock

    Resource balancing may be off.

    Luckily I made tethers of the 2 compound I collected from the small deposit and eventually a large deposit at the limit of my tethers
  3. Started a new game in the release version, only one small patch of compound in range of the landing zone.
  4. Harlock

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    titanium alloy should use something like carbon instead of graphene.
  5. Harlock

    Terrain smooth tool bug

    I'm surprised this is a long standing bug, it never happened to me until 0.9.0. not only does the terrain tool snap on lines for me like you describe i get hung up while moving around and need to jump a lot on non-terran planets.