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  1. Seems like a good idea, but for a completely different game; this kind of system would have to be built in from the beginning, and Astroneer is nearing its release date. It almost feels more like a MMORPG crafting system.
  2. Well, yes, I understand, but it's not a separate gun from the terrain tool. My idea is mainly for not having to implement switching between the terrain tool and a weapon. If we even need a weapon, like Blind Io mentions.
  3. I was thinking about when we would eventually have fauna and probably need some means of defense against them; having a normal gun would be boring and probably hard to factor in to the game, since the astroneer is carrying the terrain tool around all the time. What if we had an augment for the terrain tool that allowed you to use dirt from canisters to fire a rock, spike, or cannonball of some kind? This is for the far future, by the way; we don't have fauna yet, so it would be pretty useless right now.
  4. While this is pretty true, I'm not sure why this is in the "Suggestions and Ideas" tab.
  5. I disagree; it would be too easy to break the game using it, and it wouldn't really yield many bugs and exploits to fix; if anything, the dev commands would be a huge exploit themselves. Incorrectly using dev commands could cause bugs that would never happen in a normal game, and the developers don't really need to worry about those, because they would never happen without the commands. Dev commands would just be exploited for, say, free resources, or seeing what happens when 500 rovers are spawned in the same place. There's not really a use for us to have a direct pipeline into the engine of the game.
  6. I did notice in the PAX stream, while discussing terrain 2.0, they mentioned that the terrain would be layered and get harder and harder the closer you got to the core. I think that upgraded drill heads will probably be able to dig through the harder terrain, requiring better drills to get to the core of the planet.
  7. They gotta be placed directly on the shuttles to work now. No placing it on the large storage anymore.
  8. Remember, oxygen tanks are much cheaper now, costing only one glass. You can easily make three of the things from a patch of quartz, quadrupling your oxygen capacity. It will take up backpack space, though, so it's a tradeoff.
  9. If you hover over an empty hologram of a resource on a printer, chem lab, etc. it will tell where to find/make that resource. It's very handy for metals especially, as it tells you which planets you can find the ores on.
  10. Another way to launch a satellite could be to have it print packed in a tier two box, then launch it from a shuttle in orbit; like, put it on the shuttle, get into orbit, then press Z or X to deploy it.
  11. Iron now has some darker patches/inclusions over the surface, while copper is completely monochromatic. This helps a lot with the distinguishing of the two. Titanium is a little bit more green now, as well, while aluminum remains unchanged.
  12. This would be useful, but I'm not sure how it would be implemented visually. Remember, the research items are about the same mass as the astroneer him/herself, as well as being generally spherical; it would be very hard to make this look good on the backpack. Also, the backpack slot would have to be tier two, taking up lots of space on the backpack chassis itself. My favorite way of moving research pods is a medium rover; it gives you space for two pods (four if you have a large storage) and moves faster than walking. It is harder to get into caves though.
  13. I've come across this too; just get out of the rover and dig a little bit under them, and the rover will unlock and be drivable. I think it's an issue with going out of physics range and it not recognizing when you get back in range.
  14. I believe the extra large platform is also printed at the vehicle bay now.
  15. It's just a way to smooth the camera movements, stops it from being too jarring.