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  1. it's just a tutorial, you do not have to look for research, when you start, in the backpack where you repair your oxygen tank, in this backpack have a search to unlock the cords. you just have to do everything in time. then you will need to put energy on the research desk to have research points to unlock the container and the bank. the bank you will only be able to unlock after you put energy in the capsule inside the cave. following the blocks one by one you can finish the tutorial translated by google translate (Pt for Eng)
  2. I have now finished the tutorial and everything is normal, and I did it in the latest version 0.10.2. everything is normal and finish. you only have to do things when they are asked, nothing more. if you make them out of order you will still end up losing the resources you need
  3. yes everything changed, each time it is more difficult to play, but before it was all too easy. when you start a new game you have to have the notion that to continue to evolve in the game you will need tungsten and iron to make the chemistry lab. to get these 2 minerals you have to unlock the small ship and the solid fuel. After that, my advice is tundra planet, you have iron, tungsten among other minerals that you will need more later. when you leave, it takes at least 2 solid fuels, since each solid fuel is only used once, that is, you can only make one outbound trip. then you will need to
  4. you get iron, tungsten, zinc and titanium on the planet tundra, on the planet with tensile radiation, tungsten, astronium, lithium on the surface of the planet. the first trip that is made when it resumes in my case is the planet tundra, therefore to advance in the precise constructions of much iron and tungsten. one thing I noticed is that when we die in version 10.2 is not visible the sign of our body, I do not know if it was a bug or not, but when I died my body disappeared and only left some items that I had in the backpack dropped on the floor translation of Pt to Eng by google
  5. in this version 0.9.2, whenever I make a ship I will soon go to the planet with radiation, and the storms are very strict. when it has just passed a 5 seconds later comes another but has a positive counter. to continue to work during the storm, because on this planet the storms have no object that can kill you. I do not go to the caves on this planet, because I have aluminum and copper in abundance, there are astronium, lithium, tungsten, coal, all on the surface. It annoys the storms a lot but it's part of the game. what I really wanted was to try to optimize the game, because in each update
  6. to what I thought, right at the beginning of the video, one of the developers was inside a planet, this planet has a design of 6 platforms that have us or the planet (this should be the bases of that huge construction that we saw at the end of the astroneer trailer ). Let's have another planet, that's very good. I wonder if they are still thinking about putting the monster rover (which has the area of 2 large rovers, which has in SES Vlog 23)? astroneer better and better, congratulations for your beautiful work