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  1. After updating to, the game crashes 1-3 seconds after loading a saved game. I've tried starting a new game, and that works without problem. For the last few weeks the game was already crashing often, but this is new. On a side note, you release a patch and I can't find any info about this patch? Platform: Steam Version: System Specifications: MSI Apache pro GE62 Windows 10 Home CPU - Intel i7-7700HQ GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM - 16Gb DDR4, no idea what model Dual, 128 Gb SDD and 1Tb HD, no idea what mo
  2. I've just watched the vlog, and I'm curious to know if the next update will be mostly resource related, or if there will be some other things added, such as some new decorative items/buildings. Honestly I do not know what the developers imagine this game will be in the end, but I hope there will be more than just endless resource hunting and crafting. I've bought 2 copies of this game, and am playing it with my son in online co-op. Though it has been quite fun so far, and sometimes a little frustrating, I'm worried that soon we'll reach the point that we've unlocked everything and the