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    Beacons turn off on vehicle when exiting game

    I noticed this happening so I moved the beacon off of the storage and onto a rover attachment point. Unfortunately, now the beacons seem to turn off no matter where they are attached to the rover when you reload the game. I don't really mind that the ones on the storage rack do the auto-shutoff thing, but I feel that the ones on the rover attachment points should remain on until I turn it off.
  2. Flyingcrowbar

    I like that thing & may be a fun idea?

    Are you referring to the Resource Plinth from the Terrain Tech Test planet? Is it called something else on different platforms? When I hover the cursor over mine it is called a Resource Plinth and the only place cheating is mentioned is in the description of the thing when you examine it.
  3. This may not be the right place or format for this, but I need to mention a few things that I have found and feel are issues that should be addressed with this new terrain generation engine. I also want to state, before I start, that I realize that these items may be particular to the world that I got and are totally at the mercy of some random number generator. That being said, I generally like what I am seeing. HOWEVER, the mountains that completely surround the plain where my base is located are far too steep, are covered with too many rocks, and usually come to razor sharp ridge tops. These slopes are too steep to walk up and since there was a Mountain goat available (My name for the small rover) I tried to drive up the slopes since that thing will almost climb a vertical slope. If I could negotiate these rock strewn slopes to get to the top, the very sharp tops of the mountains almost always high-centered my rover. In the areas where the mountains had a flat top the vegetation, in the form of trees, was so thick that you could barely walk among them and getting the rover through was nearly impossible.Was it the point that I should not have been trying to get beyond the little valley that I started in? Lets talk about the caves in the Terrain Tech Test (TTT). I really like the marble like boulders that can be excavated from many places in the cave walls. Seeing them roll away as I dig them out is pretty cool and a nice touch. However, the dead-fall pits and size of the rock formations make spelunking a dangerous and overly challenging proposal. There were also several areas where Harpo, my Astroneer, fell through the ground and I had to scramble to avoid death by asphyxiation. All in all, I liked the challenge and was able to get beyond the mountains, but I had to do it by going through one of the caves, so maybe "under, not over" was the key. I am going to continue to explore the world of the TTT. I'm not saying that the worlds should be as flat as a billiard table, but I can't see how you would be able to build a base and explore an entire planet with the way things are set up now. On a final note. The description on the Resource Plinth was a hoot! I seriously doubt that it's cheating when the developer gives you one to begin with, but I would be liketo be able to find one of those things in the bottom of some remote deep dark cave in the main game. That could possibly be the ultimate treasure discovery of the whole game. Thank you for all your efforts and for offering us the opportunity to comment on the continuing development of your game. I have not had this much fun trying to avoid dying for a long long time.
  4. Flyingcrowbar

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    Wow! Just blows my mind, KillerShadow115! I really like your idea and appreciate the effort you have put into thinking it through. And those "Mine carts" are a thing of beauty. Bravo, and Huzzah to you!!
  5. This has been happening to me since I started playing the game months ago. I never looked at it as a bug, but perhaps it is. I am also a Steam/W10 PC user.
  6. Flyingcrowbar

    Landing zones on planets should all be flat

    Flat, you want flat? Well that would just be too easy. I have a pod on barren that is upside-down, because it rolled downhill just as I deployed it. It was a PITA, but now I'm used to it, and it looks hilarious, especially when Harpo, my Astroneer, is sitting in there. I had my wife take a look at it and asked her the old "What's wrong with this picture?" question. She got a big kick out of it. No way to fix it now, so I'm just dealing with it. Besides, it will all be ancient history when the next update rolls out and these saves are junk.
  7. Flyingcrowbar

    Tree storage

    I have seen that before, and I believe this is a normal situation. I think I read about it in the Wiki first before I tested it out though.
  8. It would be nice to have some tool that you could use to cut apart large salvage items so they could be fit into the shredder. It could also be used to trim off those annoying solar panels on the satellites that make them so hard to tow with a rover or get out of confined spaces.
  9. Flyingcrowbar

    Cutting torch or laser/plasma cutter.

    BUMP! I would still like to see something like this added to the game!
  10. Flyingcrowbar

    Solar system map is upside down

    I have often wondered about all the "beacon flags" that are floating around out in empty space. You can often see these from a planet at night or when you are orbiting a planet in a shuttle.
  11. Flyingcrowbar

    Cave lures re-spawn after loading a saved game

    I think that some of the lethal plant life regenerates over time while other types are killed forever after one time. I could be wrong, but if this is is a bug, then I am having the same issue.
  12. Flyingcrowbar - Steam - Planet orbit collision

    This has been happening to me on my moon lately. Disconcerting as hell when it happens.
  13. Flyingcrowbar

    beacons are kind of useless

    I agree with Draconis about the challenge of not getting lost, and I think the beacons are very useful when used within their limits. I have so many beacons laid out on my home planet that having them all display on a HUD would be confusing and pointless. I would like to see the ability to bring up the compass somehow while in the driver's seat of a rover though. I like the drone idea as well, draconis, but wouldn't having a drone available reduce the challenge of planetary exploration as well? It seems like the why figure out how to get to the top of that mountain when I can just fly a drone up there situation.
  14. Flyingcrowbar

    home base platform

    Good info to have. Do you know if that works on all of the "indestructable" ground that you find out and about, or does it only work near the habitat?
  15. Flyingcrowbar

    Compass Item

    That is a well thought out idea for an item that many people have been hoping for. I was thinking of some sort of "heads-up" display onn the rovers, but your solution seems to cover all the possibilities. I hope the SES folks take this one and run with it.
  16. Good score on all those seed pod things! I have been seeing the same thing in my current game and was wondering whether it was a glitch or by design. I am also a Steam/PC user.
  17. Flyingcrowbar

    Chemstry Lab and Shredder

    It was rubber that bricked my chem lab. It got part way through the process and the bell dinged the doors opened and a partial piece of rubber slid forth. There are still bits of resin and organic on the input attachment points but you can not remove them or the partial piece of rubber. Scratch one chem lab and the large platform B that it rode in on. I put it in my junk pit for future recycling. Now, where did I leave that handy plasma cutter again, oh, that's right, I don't have one.
  18. Flyingcrowbar

    Quests and Rewards in Game

    Sounds somewhat like the trophy system that PSN uses to reward progress through a game. What tasks, though? Mine 100,000 canisters of soil, make 1,000 space flights between planets? It could work.
  19. Flyingcrowbar

    Hostile Entity

    I like the fact that there are no creatures to jump out at you. Just having the stabby-stabby plants activate near me is enough to get my blood pressure up. I like the peaceful exploring aspect of the game, but maybe having what you are suggesting as a toggleable option would be OK. Everybody likes a good scare every now and then, right?
  20. My flattener is displaying several types of quirky behavior. In addition to the jumping about issue it seems to have "dead zones" at a certain distance from my Astroneer. The tool will flatten fairly well for a certain distance and then leave a gap of uneffected terrain and then further away it will work again.
  21. I have also experienced the "disappearing stuff stored in a hole" issue. However, my stuff seems to get teleported into a nearby cave. I regularly visit that cave and was surprised when my stuff just started showing up in one particular section of the cave. I have not seen the medium rover issue, and hope I never do either.
  22. Usually I select save and exit to desktop, but I have tried several times to exit back to the main menu and the game has stalled/hangs up on more than half of the times I have tried. I have tried leaving the system on to see if it will finish up whatever it's doing and exit to the main menu, but it has not completed the exit on any of the times I have waited around. On some occasions I get an error message from Steam telling me that an error has occurred. At that point the only option seems to be to exit to Windows and close the Astroneer window.
  23. Flyingcrowbar

    Expanded options for customising Beacons

    I like the idea of more beacon options, but if it is a trade off between more options and game performance, I would choose performance. This may be easy to implement, or a total nightmare, only the developers know for sure.
  24. I like the fact that the machine makes its own containers. Also, since the gas containers hold multiple units of the associated gas you would probably have to have 2, or possibly more, types of containers that you would have to make. I vote to leave things as they are now.
  25. Interesting work-around, but the problem remains about certain items "bricking" equipment that you have spent time and resources on.