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    Wanderer Predictions

    You folks are just too much! And by that I mean you are the best!!! I love the ideas and the jolly banter.
  2. Flyingcrowbar

    Wanderer Predictions

    I'm just putting down a wish list/guess about what I think it could be, Coppery. Also, I forgot to mention that the 5 planets in the new SS will have storms included in the stuff that you need to deal with while exploring.
  3. Flyingcrowbar

    Wanderer Predictions

    I'm going with: 1 new solar system (SS) with 4 planets and 1 moon for a total of 5 new celestial bodies to explore A new interplanetary transport system that will have to be researched and built before we can go to the new SS A practical application for the use of Astronium Several new resources that are only available in the new SS but will be necessary in the original system thus necessitating travel back and forth between the two
  4. This does seem to be a "Lots of lookers, but few replies" Forum. I think The Net is a good idea if they re-implement the storms at some future point.
  5. Flyingcrowbar

    A little fun(?) in the center of the planet

    Sorry, my bad! Totally missed the date on that one. Oh well. Don't worry about me being out of sorts I usually catch up with things ...eventually. Hahahaha
  6. In EA I used to find hydrazine canisters blown along by the storms and also lying randomly about on the planet's surface. Don't know where they came from, but I was always happy to find them. I don't recall finding other items or resources in that manner, but those could also be added into the mix of stuff that your net could capture.
  7. Flyingcrowbar

    Extra Large Storage is... Useless.

    I have plenty of items that I have researched and have never even built 1 of, and I really don't think I'm missing out on anything by it. Some of the items are very useful, while others are much less so. It would be nice if all of them had some purpose, but at this point, that doesn't appear to be the case. Maybe it was the developer's way to keep people running their research chambers so they could get enough bytes to research all of the items.
  8. Flyingcrowbar

    A little fun(?) in the center of the planet

    I like your video, but where is your Gateway Engine? If you're at the core, shouldn't it be there? Also, what are those "Free floating" tethers attached to? I don't recall any tether that activated in mid air, well, not any other than those pesky ones on the planet's surface that place and activate on you and then appear to be floating a foot or two above the surface after you walk away.
  9. Flyingcrowbar

    Didn't stop me!

    I feel your pain. MK. I had a bug issue that wasn't letting me play a saved game for more than 2 or 3 minutes before it booted me out to the desktop. Luckily SES patched that issue so I didn't have to abandon a game with hundreds of hours of time on it. I hope they can fix your issue so you can soldier on. BTW, what was the last achievement you needed to do before the 100%. Mine was activating all the gateways. I had a few on Atrox that were absolute bears to get to, but I got those done a while ago and also have 100% completion on the achievements.
  10. Flyingcrowbar

    Didn't stop me!

    Nice work, but getting all of the achievements doesn't mean you've completed the game, it just means you've completed the achievements. There is so much game play in this type of game that you could play for tons of hours and not see every situation that is in there. So, again, good work, but there is lots more stuff to do in the game.
  11. Flyingcrowbar

    Triptych Technology

    Interesting concept. It also appears that you have put quite a bit of thought into this possibility. Great job, and I hope SES takes note.
  12. Flyingcrowbar

    Game Suggestion

    OK, I remember the resource plinth on the "Test Planet" that was part of EA for a while. I spent some time poking around on that planet, but found that the nearly vertical slopes surrounding my base area and the thick trees covering the areas at the tops of the slopes made it a very difficult place to navigate without doing lots of tunneling. I have not done much with the color aspect of the game. Have they worked the bugs out of the attachment that you use to "paint" terrain yet?
  13. I agree with you about having tether color options available. Even when they implemented the "Christmas lights" theme the thread between the tethers was still the same light blue color, and only the lights on top of the tethers changed. Being able to change the light color and the thread color "on the fly" like you can with the suit colors would be very helpful. I find that it is almost impossible to see the tether lines on Glacio under certain lighting conditions and have nearly, and actually, died several times as a result. I think your light mode/dark mode idea is a good alternative to having lots of color options too.
  14. Flyingcrowbar

    I freeze when I go into space

    Well, wear some long underwear then. Hahahahahaha Sorry couldn't resist that one, but I feel for your situation.
  15. I like this idea, Marley. Were you around for the "holiday tethers" that were implemented for a few days around Christmas time? The tether pole lights were lit up in the colors normally associated with holiday lights. It was really cool, but didn't stick around very long. I'd like to see dark colored tether lines available for the icy/snow covered planets.
  16. Flyingcrowbar

    Game Suggestion

    Just curious, what do you suppose "creative mode" would entail?
  17. Flyingcrowbar

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    OK, so noted. I am still, however, of the opinion that an in-game real time clock is unnecessary. Your opinion may vary.
  18. Flyingcrowbar

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    So now my question is whether your initial post was a joke.
  19. Flyingcrowbar

    Clock! Big. Friggin. Clock!

    I'm confused, are you looking for a real time, or game time clock? I have several clocks on my computer desk, so I don't care if there is a real time clock in game, and a game time clock seems pointless with as fast as the day night cycle is. Are you implying that the game is so immersive that you lose track of reality? Interesting, but I don't see it. How many other games have a real time clock prominently displayed on the main play screen?
  20. Flyingcrowbar


    Taelyn, one word for you, packagers! Most of the items that can be shredded can be packaged and loaded onto a medium storage, your backpack, of onto a rover and hauled back to base that way. It also reduces the volume of the item so that many more can be hauled back at the same time. Another tip... package the research items that you find to haul them back too.
  21. Flyingcrowbar

    Colony Trade Challenge

    Welcome to the Forums. That sounds like quite a challenge you have offered. It sounds like I'm going to be dragging my shuttle all over the moons, that is, if I accept this challenge.
  22. Flyingcrowbar

    How to transfer save to another computer ?

    I assumed the save files were the same regardless of which PC platform you use. Have you tried copying the file from Steam and placing it in the correct folder in the MSS version to see if it works?
  23. Flyingcrowbar

    A man-less shuttle is permanently flying around Silva

    I have to agree with you! These are some unbelievably fantastic videos! Thanks for sharing, AT! What other game lets you build a ramp that you can get into orbit on?
  24. Flyingcrowbar


    The other advantage to using the terrain tool is that you have a tether line all the way to the core that you can use later to explore the various cave levels. Another possible disadvantage to using a rover is that if you die while getting to the core, for whatever reason, it can be a major task to recover your rover and your backpack gear if the ramps that you made with the rover are too steep for your Astroneer to walk down.
  25. Flyingcrowbar


    I tried driving a vehicle into the ground with a drill attached to the front and it was absolutely terrible. I gained great respect for the person I have been playing multi-player with as he can control the vehicle and the slope of the ramp we are making on our descent. I seem to get pointed down vertically and then it's nothing but a fuster cluck.