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  1. I think that we are forgetting that this is a fictional universe that our Astroneers are exploring in, and that NONE of the rule that apply to our universe need to apply there. Yes, the developers have chosen to to make some of the situations similar to what we expect, but maybe the planetary cores are something else that allows a compass to work like it does here and that GPS can work without a geosynchronous satellite network to support it. As the masters of the game world they have created, they can do anything that they want to, and there really doesn't have to be any reason or logic to it either. Sure it makes us feel better when it works the same way it works here, but they can do what they want to make it the way they want it. I think it's called suspension of disbelief. I'm not as concerned with the mechanics of how it works, just that it works.
  2. I don't mind the "on the ground" compass rose when you are out of the vehicle, but a heads up display (HUD) when you are driving would be wonderful. I recently started playing another similar game that goes by the initials NMS and it has a HUD compass, but the only directions that it shows are North and South. I guess East and West don't exist in that universe, but that HUD is almost useless unless you want to go straight north or south. Trying to go every other direction is a crap-shoot at best, so a well thought out HUD is really a joy to behold.
  3. I suppose it is also a way for developers to connect with the players. Just depends on how/whether they use it.
  4. I wanted to update this thread and say that my friend and I were able to connect and play a co-op game together without the use of the private servers. Thank you or not taking that away.
  5. OK, will do. They tried many times and many ways to connect, but were thwarted in their efforts.
  6. Folks: Is co-op play done unless you PAY FOR the dedicated servers? I am asking because a friend of mine tried playing co-op with his grand son the other day. They don't have DS and were unable to connect to each other and play as they have in the past. Was a free feature that was part of the game for a very long time taken away and replaced with a revenue generation feature? They tried connecting both in-game and through Steam and neither worked. Am I right in assuming that co-op play is dead unless you are willing to pay the monthly fee?
  7. I really like this idea. Having laid down tens of thousands of tethers in my time having it be an automatic thing would be very helpful.
  8. The Discord server always seems to be very busy.
  9. They're all busy trying to turn Astroneer into Minecr**t. Hahahahaha
  10. Oh, that sucks even worse than the low frame rate. Sorry to hear that.
  11. I like to use the portable oxygenator (PO) on my rover since it requires a smaller connector than the larger one. However, you need a very reliable power source to use it since the the thing drinks power like Capt. Jack Sparrow drinks rum. I usually have an RTG on the rover when I have the PO on there and leave the PO on all the time since it can't drink an RTG dry.
  12. @Bron, I have to be honest and admit that may have been the case, but many times that I found stuff it was up wind and shouldn't have come from my base if it was blown along by the storm.. Either way, it was always nice to be driving, or walking, along and find an unexpected treasure just laying on the ground in the middle of nowhere! Also, I agree with your comments on Glacio! It is a wild and wonderful place. You just need to be able to deal with the glare and "Snow blindness" that occurs there even when there isn't any snow flying around.
  13. @Bron, great suggestion on trying to dynamite this thing! That dynamic is still a new concept to me and I generally don't even remember that it's an option. @Drayde, it would be great i you would try giving it a dynamite "treatment" and let us know what happens.
  14. I had that happen in a multiplayer game I was in. It was a pain losing the terrain tool, but at least I got an extra attachment point on the side of the backpack where the terrain tool normally plugs in. Yes, when the tool is gone you can carry an extra item on that connector. One of the other guys in the game actually took a screen shot of my Astroneer with a drill mod or something attached to that slot. I believe the only solution for me was to quit the game and also have the host quit the game and then for him to restart the game and me to rejoin.
  15. Those things have been around since the game was in Early Access. I think it was supposed to be some sort of launching pad or something like that. They produce oxygen and have electrical sockets on them too. In the first tutorial that I ever tried you had to build a ramp up to the top of the thing to replace the actual ramp that was broken off of it. They are hard to find now though, so good score finding one.