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  1. Flyingcrowbar

    Astroneer Pancake hat for Pancake day!

    Why hats at all? Your Astroneer has a space helmet already. What could be cooler than a space helmet? The hats are a stretch in my opinion, but are good for comic relief as they look so funny on others when playing co-op.
  2. Flyingcrowbar

    We need constellations.

    I got so lost one time in early access that I had to die to get back to base. It was mostly because I drove my buggy into a deep hole and was so turned around by the time I got back to the surface that I couldn't find home. I also didn't know about the "band of stars" at that point either, but I still lost a buggy and all the equipment that was on my backpack.. Now I use a bulletproof method for finding my way home. 1. Pick a landing site that is North of the equator [located to the right of your space ship as it orbits the planet] 2. Run a tether line from newly established base to the north pole [Most planets have a Gateway structure located at the pole and for the ones that don't use the compass to locate the pole and build a soil pillar at the pole {beacon optional}] Now if I do happen to get lost I just go North from wherever I am on the planet until I reach the pole and then follow the tether line back to base. Granted, I don't get lost very much anymore, but it gives a lot of peace of mind knowing that I only need to follow the compass North to get back home if do get lost.
  3. Flyingcrowbar

    medium battery on large rover to power gateway

    Did you try turning it off and then back on? Seriously, sometimes you need to remove the battery from the rover and re-attach it for it to work properly. I don't know why it seems to lose the connection and not work properly but sometimes it happens. This trick works on a lot of the equipment in Astroneer when it seems like the thing has just stopped working.
  4. Flyingcrowbar

    Stopping in my tracks

    Looks like another case of "sticky ground".
  5. I also like @EmeraldGamerr's idea of calling the thing a compactor. I was thinking of possible names myself yesterday and the one you came up with describes the machine and the process perfectly.
  6. I have mentioned a Plasma cutter or Cutting torch before on several occasions, so I like your Laser cutter idea alot! I also like the idea of having a machine that would take "raw" scrap/debris and form it into easily transportable chunks that could be processed with the shredder to make "processed" scrap for loading onto the trade rocket. In your process, could the "raw" scrap still be processed by the shredder into "processed" scrap, or would everything need to go through the "intermediate" processor before it could be put into the shredder? Could some items still go straight into the shredder, but others would need the new processor in order to meet their final demise?
  7. Flyingcrowbar

    im stuck on calidor

    Carry your shuttle to find the resources you need to make a solid fuel rocket motor to get off that barren rock. You can take the thing down into the caves with you if you want because it will fit. Use the "leap frog" method to move the shuttle by picking it up moving it ahead and dropping it before you run past it and do it all over again.
  8. Flyingcrowbar

    Run and jump

    @Scattronic, thanks or the info on the x box controller. As far as the "getting stuck on invisible objects" goes, it seems to be a known issue that is usually referred to as "Sticky ground". I experience it on a regular basis on some of the planets and occasionally on others. It is annoying but try the hop as you go method as a work around and you should keep moving.
  9. Flyingcrowbar

    Can't get to Deform Speed and Size menus

    Just a quick question, are all these adjustments you're talking about for a creative mode game? I don't remember any of those things being available in adventure mode.
  10. Flyingcrowbar

    Run and jump

    Somewhat off topic @Scattronic, but I wasn't aware that you could even use an x-box controller with a PC much less with Astroneer. Do you know if you can do the same with a PS3 or PS4 controller and how do you go about configuring the various buttons keypads and joysticks?
  11. Today while playing a multiplayer game my terrain tool completely disappeared off the side of my backpack. All that was left in the space where the tool should have been was a single attachment point on the side of the backpack. I was able to attach items to this point and even had the other that I was playing with come look to see i the tool was gone (which he confirmed) and then to see how I could attach items to the mounting point. I tried entering the habitat and several vehicles to see i the tool would return but that did not work. I had to leave the game and return before the terrain tool would return.
  12. I was exploring on Calidor the other day and came across a wrecked Base/Habitat building while driving around. I used to ind those all the time, but Ican't remember how long it has been since I found one of those laying around. Were they removed from the game and recently put back in as discoverable wreckage? I don't think they can be salvaged, but it was nice to see some old familiar scenery out on the landscape.
  13. Flyingcrowbar

    Fallen astroneer recovery project

    I always thought there was some critter that would come and get the corpse, but that would also mean that there would be a chance o running into that critter myself at some point. Since I never wanted enemies on the ground, I changed my thinking and just assume that whoever dropped the unfortunate Astroneer in the first place had the courtesy to recover and remove their lifeless body but left their gear and wreckage behind for us to find.
  14. Flyingcrowbar

    Getting caught on rocks on Calidor

    It has been an issue or a while, and even though it has allegedly been "fixed" on several occasions it seems to keep coming back. Granted, it is a minor problem compared to some that have occurred, but it is still quite annoying. I was playing earlier today on Glacio and was having lots o trouble with sticky ground. In my experience, it seems to be worse on some planets than others. I very rarely notice it occurring on Sylva, but on Glacio it seems that you can't take a short stroll without having to adopt the "hop as you go" technique to keep moving and not get hung up.
  15. Flyingcrowbar

    Getting caught on rocks on Calidor

    Are you actually seeing these small rocks? The game has had problems with what has been dubbed "sticky ground" which is where your Astroneer gets hung up on seemingly flat terrain and appears to be walking or running, but is not moving. An occasional hop will get you moving again, but it is very annoying to have to do that when the ground appears to be flat and clear of obstructions and your guy still doesn't move.