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  1. Flyingcrowbar

    How to solve the tether lag issue

    I was wondering whether something like your suggested solution would work. Thanks for the information that it actually does. Now all I need to do is make the required equipment and set up some dedicated tether lines. I have been dealing with 5-7 seconds of tether placement lag on Sylva for a while now.
  2. Flyingcrowbar

    Floating purple structure

    Just curious, why do you have all of those research containers (looks like 5 to me) and 4 small batteries in your backpack?
  3. Flyingcrowbar

    Floating purple structure

    Looks like the game developers wanted to test your ramp building abilities. I seem to remember that building a ramp to a space port was a task in the early access tutorial, but wasn't even part of the tutorial for the "official" release. Either way, the elevation of your Gateways does seem a bit extreme. Most of mine have been on the ground, or just high enough to walk under. Good luck.
  4. Flyingcrowbar

    Beacon or X-ray mode to search for lost rovers.

    I like the homing beacon/scanner idea. Although I have not lost many vehicles in the game having the ability to find one that is lost gives you the opportunity, and challenge, to retrieve it. A different scanner used to find your base might be a good addition too. People get lost, and I've done that myself, having a device that allows you to get home would be useful. Also, having it as a device gives the player the option as to whether they want to build/use one.
  5. Flyingcrowbar

    Big purple thing in the mountain

    Use more generators hooked together. I had to use 6 generators [total] on the Gateways [that's what the big purple things are called] on my home planet. On the moon, I think 9 total generators were required per Gateway.
  6. While I was out on my home planet searching for scrap or treasures, I visited several large pieces of crashed space ships. As soon as I used my excavation tool to remove soil around or under the ship, it would start to wiggle and shake and rise up until it was completely above ground. This was quite fun to watch, but disconcerting as hell. As these ship pieces were doing their "rise from the dead" act, I stayed well back to avoid being crushed or trapped by them. I did have the Drill Mod 2 attached to my tool each time this happened and have not tried to see if this happens with an unmodified tool. I will try and see if that happens and post again after I try it.
  7. Flyingcrowbar

    Initial landing site has indestructable objects

    That's inconvenient.Could/did you continue to play that game, or did you start over?
  8. I had that happen once where I died somehow and my dead Astroneer ended up high in the sky. I had to build a tall soil tower to get up close enough to the corpse to retrieve my stuff because I wasn't going to lose everything I had in that backpack. I had to make some tethers so I could get up there without dying, but I was able to get up high enough to be able to open the backpack and get my stuff back.
  9. Today I started playing on Tundra and upon my return to Terra I noticed that my rover train, which consists of a large rover as the lead vehicle and 3 medium rovers as trailers, was billowing smoke again. This was not too surprising since it has happened before. What was unusual was that as I approached the base from my landing site the large rover began to shake and and wiggle and launched itself into the sky. I thought it had flown off to parts unknown, but upon looking around I noticed it had gone up into the sky above my base and was suspended upside-down at what I estimate to be about 100' above ground level. It was far enough up there that my cursor could not interact with the vehicle. I began to build a soil tower so I could get close enough to enter the driver's seat. Unfortunately, entering the seat did nothing and I could not move the rover or steer it in any way to try and get it back down to the ground. Things really got exciting when I decided to leave the vehicle as I was launched into the sky and landed atop the inverted rover. At that point the thing fell out of the sky and my Astroneer landed on top of the rover and died in the fall. I guess the good thing is that after the new Astroneer arrived in the drop-pod I was able to retrieve my stuff from the backpack and flip the large rover over and use it again. This is one of the most unusual things that has ever happened while playing the game. I really enjoy playing Astroneer and hope this behavior can be fixed before the 1.0 edition drops next month. Thanks for putting up this Forum so we can tell you about the wild world and weird occurrences that happen to us.
  10. Walking along and my Astroneer is launched into the sky and dies when he falls back to the planet. I've see this posted before, but I've never had it happen, until yesterday. It happened while I was approaching a derelict space craft crashed on planet Tundra. Rover train billowing smoke. Upon return to Terra as I exited the shuttle The rover and trailers parked near my base were billowing smoke. I have seen this happen before, but not lately. It is a cool looking effect, but unexpected and disconcerting as hell. Astroneer gets stuck while walking on planet surface. He just stops moving. A direction change or a hop will solve the problem, most times. Rovers get stuck to the ground. Getting out and digging or placing soil under the rover will usually fix this, but it is an inconvenience and happens fairly regularly.
  11. Flyingcrowbar

    Shuttle to space in rover seat. bug?

    Cool. Good to know. Thanks for that!
  12. I wanted to thank you for the "holiday" treatment you applied to the tether lights yesterday! It was very festive and in the holiday spirit!
  13. I think it should be Acme Industries, as in the old Road Runner cartoons, and then everything could show up in a wooden crate too. Probably would be some sort of copyright infringement though, but it would be cool, and funny too.
  14. Flyingcrowbar

    Shuttle to space in rover seat. bug?

    I've never used anything but an open seat to launch into space. I never even built an enclosed one since I was always able to find the open ones lying around somewhere. It does seem a little strange that you can use the rover seat on the shuttles,but it has worked fine so far.
  15. Flyingcrowbar

    Beacons turn off on vehicle when exiting game

    I noticed this happening so I moved the beacon off of the storage and onto a rover attachment point. Unfortunately, now the beacons seem to turn off no matter where they are attached to the rover when you reload the game. I don't really mind that the ones on the storage rack do the auto-shutoff thing, but I feel that the ones on the rover attachment points should remain on until I turn it off.