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  1. Flyingcrowbar

    Astroneer Distances

    Yep, just call me Mr. Problem from now on. At least you took the time to Google what a smoot was.
  2. Flyingcrowbar

    Astroneer Distances

    WOW, my little Astroneer [lovingly named "Harpo"] actually stands at over 6'6" tall. I find that hard to believe from the looks of him, but if you say so, who am I to dispute it.
  3. Flyingcrowbar

    Astroneer Distances

    I think smoots would be a novel measurement unit.
  4. Flyingcrowbar

    road building drill

    I have not given up hope at all. I even stuck around when my main game save was broken by an early update, and was later rescued by the SES team fixing the issue. Thanks for saving hundreds of hours of game play for me. Patience and persistence as always.
  5. Flyingcrowbar

    Tethers I, II, & III

    I like the options you have laid out. Do you anticipate that these tethers will all be made out of the same material [compound], or different combinations of compound+another resource? Any idea on how they will be identifiable in the field or on your backpack?
  6. Flyingcrowbar

    Solar System update Idea

    I was trying to quote a thread from back in February, but I couldn't figure out how to do that. Sorry, my bad. Very old dog trying to learn a new trick. Hahahahahaha
  7. Flyingcrowbar

    Solar System update Idea

    Sorry. Just please disregard that last post.
  8. Flyingcrowbar

    Solar System update Idea

    A lot of this stuff looks vaguely familiar. I think I've seen something similar before. Did that work? Oh well, here goes nothing.
  9. Flyingcrowbar

    road building drill

    OK, that is a very cool setup. Too bad we have to wait to be able to use it though. All things in time, right? Hahahaha
  10. Flyingcrowbar

    road building drill

    @Mio, I believe @Blind Io said this is a prototype. As such, the developers have created it, but we don't have it yet. I have heard that this could be implemented in a future update. Don't know when though.
  11. Flyingcrowbar


    Good question, but I have never compared the two either. I don't recall noticing any glaring differences between the two. Perhaps a side by side comparison is called for.
  12. Flyingcrowbar

    Helmet light

    Well, looky here, someone from the SES development team actually commented on this idea. I am glad they are reading these forums. I think that's the first time I've seen that happen. I certainly hope it isn't the first time it has happened though. OK, OK, I just noticed that @SES_Adam has 142 posts, so I have to assume that it happens fairly regularly.
  13. Flyingcrowbar

    Platform shredding 2

    Welcome, to this discussion anyway, @Mio. Unfortunately, dynamite is not configured to do what we would like it to do, so the developers would have to tweak it. Right now, the only options it has are "out of existence" and "scattered to the wind" and until someone at SES changes it we have no other options. Maybe a new type of explosive, say something like a CUTTING CHARGE, could be developed to do the tasks we are looking for.
  14. Flyingcrowbar

    Permanent glowsticks.

    I have researched the new glowsticks, but have not crafted any of them yet. Can you give me an idea of how long they glow? I'm trying to determine whether it will be worth it to make any for use during cave exploration.
  15. Flyingcrowbar


    Thanks, @Vicomt, I discovered that option yesterday while I was searching for salvage and research nuggets on my home planet. I really like having the option to have those storage units configured the way I want them.