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  1. I have noticed that whenever I am in a cave or digging into the ground, a windy ambient sound plays. This sound is almost exactly like the noise during a wind storm. When I am digging close to the surface, it is hard to tell whether there is an actual storm happening or not. Perhaps a different sound for underground would help.
  2. As of last night's patch ( ) I have noticed that whenever I load a saved file, my Astroneer walks very slowly. At first I thought this was something that I would be unable to fix. However, upon pulling out my terrain deformer I noticed that the terrain smooth option was selected. I then figured out that the game was acting like I was holding down "CTRL" the entire time, with the Astroneer sneaking and the deformer acting strangely. I was able to fix the issue by simply tapping "CTRL" a few times to get the lock off. The patch did fix my chronic freezing and save loading issues, though! DxDiag.txt
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    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I only started seeing this as of the patch released last night ( The patch fixed my freezing and save loading problems, but this has started to occur as well as a few other aesthetic issues.
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    For anyone who may have stopped playing for a bit due to the game freezing or the inability to load saves, the patch from last night may have fixed those issues! It did for me and I will now spend the rest of my life playing this game.
  5. The game is not actually crashing, it just freezes and requires me to end it in the Task Manager. This happens most often when using the terrain deform tool but has also happened while walking, 3D printing, and moving objects around. Also, I am unable to load saved games. When I try, I get booted back to the page that explains that Astroneer is early access and will have bugs. Then the game freezes. Both of these problems basically make the game unplayable since the freezing happens anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes into a session. If I am lucky enough to get a save in there, I can't load it afterwards. DxDiag.txt
  6. This is a pretty minor thing to suggest, but I figured I'd do it anyways. When hitting 50%, 25%, and 0% oxygen levels, the same red icon is shown. The text is obviously different, but the red icon makes them all look the same. The only reason I bring this up is because hitting 50% oxygen and seeing the same red icon that comes up when I'm out of oxygen can make me panic sometimes. So perhaps 3 different icons could appear at the three stages. For example, yellow at 50%, orange at 25%, and red when suffocating. Just a thought!