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  1. Now I'm not entirely sure if I'm the one with the broken game, or if my mates are, but they keep telling me that when they use the gateway portal, they cannot see any of the symbols or info boxes when they hover over the bright and dim nodes for teleporting, whereas I can. We are all currently playing the newest release (the one with the LEM on Desolo) and I seem to be the only one who can see the info windows. I have no idea what's going on so any explanation would be helpful, thanks.
  2. Me and a mate of mine had an interesting idea: what if there was a machine implemented into the game that could take a specific amount of specific resources and turn it into other elements? For example, what if you took a piece of Iron, and using the machine it output multiple pieces of Lithium because it was able to divide the protons, neutrons and electrons accordingly? Another aspect to the machine could be for example that you need to find at least one of a material before the machine knows how to make duplicates of it. For example, you take some Aluminum and put it onto the machine, it then uses up the material and allows you to make duplicates of it. Idk, I just thought it could be a cool idea...
  3. crazypetpurson

    Transport methods: planes

    I think something that could be really cool would be if there could be planes in the game that have to be built from smaller parts that are in their own right are expensive. For example, to make a large plane you need to research and build the cockpit, fuselage, wings and engine(s). Then, you need to give it some sort of power source like a medium generator or something (ideally an rtg imo), and if the power source is lost then the plane's thrust is lost then it just glides. Though this would be very OP, I think there should be different sizes like with the shuttles and like with the shuttles have the price of materials and bytes vary. Also, this would be a fun late-game thing to circumnavigate planets with. Lastly, one more thing that could be interesting is if perhaps the plane would only glide on planets with an atmosphere, so on places like Desolo it would merely fall.
  4. crazypetpurson

    Advanced Technologies

    My friend and I have a cool idea for something that could be implemented into the game. So for example, we already have technologies in the game, but what I am suggesting is that we could add things like autonomous robots, advanced vehicles (flying vehicles for planets with atmosphere and things like that) and just more complicated machines for players who want to go above and beyond with the grind. Dare I say this, but what I am suggesting is, for example, the equivalent of redstone for Minecraft as a mechanic for Astroneer. Something I think would be even cooler though is, like I said before, autonomous drone-type machines. For example, something that should be implemented is autonomous drones that can do surveys of the land to look for materials, a mining drone that can collect materials and dirt, and maybe even autonomous shipping of cargo through space so that you can essentially have a base all there for you when you get there. Though I understand this could be difficult and time-consuming to code, I think it would be a really cool and welcome addition to the game.
  5. That makes sense, since my mouse came with a macro that does that. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!
  6. Just got a good picture to somewhat show the dilemma... see how the blue circle doesn't appear? When it's like this, I can't pick up any objects whatsoever and if I merely click on a machine, it activates and the equivalent for seats.
  7. Unfortunately, I have a very annoying and recurring issue with my version of Astroneer on PC. What will happen is I will just be walking around and (as far as I know) the cursor will no longer be able to click on items. For example, if I try to click on a canister stuck to the side of a Hydrazine Catalyzer, I won't be able to. The blue or other colored ring around an object does not appear and the little white circle is on the item. Then, when the game is in this "mode", if I left click on a machine or seat by accident, it has the same effect as holding down the E key. For example, if the Hydrazine machine had some empty canisters on it and some Ammonium sitting off to the side, the canister wouldn't be picked up by the cursor and instead the machine would take in the Ammonium and start making Hydrazine, just by left-clicking once. Unfortunately, I am unable to produce images or video of such and occurrence, but if I am able to, I will post such media here immediately. I also am unaware of any keybind or combination of actions that causes this. It is also possible that I am being ignorant to a feature of the game, in which case please tell me so I can disable it. I've seen some people post their PC statistics, so here are mine if it helps: Intel i7 6700 + Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 +16GB DDR4 RAM being run off a hard-drive, not an SSD.