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    Resources keep reappearing

    I'll mine a resource and once i rejoin the session it'll reappear in whatever area it was before hand
  2. flashweirdo

    0.9 PC Resources reappearing after being mined

    Still needing help!
  3. Mined out a base area that had some resource in it, rejoined the game and did a dig down into the base and all the resource that I had previously mined reappeared. Was able to mine it again by doing an up dig but it didn't appear in my backpack.
  4. flashweirdo

    Grappling Hooks / Anchor

    Think Lost planet 2, or dead space 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JEOk1cPI-w https://youtu.be/LpSgSG6Pvi4?t=23s This would help out crazy if you wanted to do a dig down, also it would be hella fun!