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    Astroneer UHD Youtube Series!

    cool! watching it now...
  2. CopperyMarrow15

    Do you like beachball soccer? :3

    I didn't think so.... ...but for those of you who do... I have a discord server! It's about Astro League and Astro League related things. You can share your arenas, matchmake, and chat. Do you hate beachball soccer? I thought so... That's fine! This server is for Astro Leaguers. Just don't join if you don't like it.
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    How to make a Dedicated Power Supply Kit?

    I don't really do stuff like this...take it slow... interesting anyway
  4. CopperyMarrow15

    The devs do care about us.

    Thank you SO much for all of this... It is GREAT to have this assurance FROM THE ACTUAL DEVS!!!! I still don't know why they can't make the simplest of replies...but...if any of you see this...and if I could send the developers one link...and one link only....I would send them this one.
  5. CopperyMarrow15

    My Save Game Is.....

    I think you are correct! *ding ding ding* ...but I also think the purps are random...I've seen spawns right next to them...and others far away. I know that, in the good old days, you would spawn on the northern hemisphere...near the star belt (equator)... *G* would know more about that.
  6. CopperyMarrow15

    My Save Game Is.....

    😳 sorry bout da misunderstanding seed of seeds...a game where there are seeds...anywhere where there are seeds...a game where there are of seeds...seed game...seeds
  7. CopperyMarrow15

    Would you buy merch?

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY I would totally go for this stuff...and more! I would LOVE a life size terrain tool...backpack...resources! inflatable Gateway Chamber bounce house!!! ...more little suit models...little platform models...module models...habitat models!!!!!! ALL THE MODULE MODELS!!!
  8. CopperyMarrow15

    My Save Game Is.....

    still waitin' for the day when he asks me the questions instead of *G*... Everyone's solar system is different...and so are everyone's saves. another thing that makes the game AWESOME! Astroneer is procedural and you get access to the seed for some reason... but I'm sure that it's a seed game...though I don't know where the seed comes from... Maybe, *G* can answer that question :3
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    Voice genders in videos - Poll

    definitely 3... I don't care who it long as its Astroneer...and they aren't yelling...or mumbling...
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    I just made this...

    Like it? 😛
  11. CopperyMarrow15

    I just made this...

    CARTOGRAPHY IS COMING... THE GOOSE IS GETTING FAT... I didn't catch the inside joke
  12. CopperyMarrow15

    Guess what these new leeks are?

    I'm still thinkin' hallway... I had a big discussion on the Discord about that...
  13. CopperyMarrow15

    Other use for Portable Oxygenator

    You didn't get what?
  14. CopperyMarrow15

    RIP Large Platform B, Was Fun While It Lasted

    we awe stwong...togedder!
  15. CopperyMarrow15

    Enormous debris structures randomly generated

    hahaha I've heard of those...they should have a bunch of useful resources...since there are so many wrecks... I would use the Winch on 'em and bring them to base...because I just like collecting things... Dynamite!
  16. CopperyMarrow15

    My Save Game is gone

    Is it possible that this occurred over February 6? Possibly, when you fixed the computer, it erased some sort of Steam cache... I would recommend backing up your saves. I don't remember how but I know @Gina would.
  17. CopperyMarrow15

    A request

    How did this get bumped to the first page? The last reply was January 19....
  18. CopperyMarrow15

    RIP Large Platform B, Was Fun While It Lasted

    or maybe it isn't.................yet
  19. CopperyMarrow15

    Cave problems

    agreed... just ramp your way around everywhere P.S. I'm going to make a huge thread soon™ explaining why I think 1.0 ruined the game.....and caves is a big part of it... Hang in there and expect the big thread within a couple months (no promises)
  20. CopperyMarrow15

    Other use for Portable Oxygenator

    You don't follow me... I don't get it... Is it a joke or do you not understand something? hehehe The poll so far: ...and yes...I voted... :3
  21. CopperyMarrow15

    Other use for Portable Oxygenator

    correct There are some places where I just wanna walk...especially if I find a cave entrance. I always remember tethering off my rover back in the good old days...and since Nanocarbon Alloy is easy to come by once you have the gases, I would TOTALLY make a Portable Oxygenator for this purpose. Anyway, Gina wins the time prize...and with that, congratulation from the great Astorneer...if only I won it...I wonder I would be congratulated with "TY *C*" but probably not..... There's only one way to find out.....a poll...
  22. lights...but terrain tool jetpacks is the first thing I'm trying when that update comes out... I'm just going to use them for random short-ish jumps and SO YES DEFINITELY in the cave to reach things I've never reached before... I would have them consume a small amount of oxygen and power during use...and I'm probably never going to make...or even research that Portable Oxygenator...just useless to me...
  23. CopperyMarrow15

    RIP Large Platform B, Was Fun While It Lasted you're saying this thread is dead?
  24. CopperyMarrow15

    I just made this...

    agreed! It's pretty much all I play on my XBOX... The music is AWESOME too!