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  1. not yet... I wish it was could though...all we can do is wish...I think...
  2. excuse me for not reading every single post and clicking on every single link...but there are 3 full pages of forum-y goodness! could someone make brief pretty much everything on this thread? (I'm talkin' to you, @The Touch of Grey Gamer...pretty please!) story (thread) starts with horns...and how they would be utterly useless and not taken well and hated upon... From what I've seen, the exact opposite seems to be happening... People seem to be taking the update very well! so here's my opinion on get lost with all the others... Ready? more content...more happy less content (*cough* 1.0 *cough*) ...less happy Horns is more content...horns make me more happy I've actually found one of the rare ones (Large Starship Horn) ...just wondering...what are all their names, @TMarcher74? I think they provide fun! ...Who doesn't like finding a hönker (anybody get the reference???) on a broken Medium Rover? I know...they should incorporate other stuff...better stuff... and I agree! There should be, in my opinion at least, a.............COMMUNITY UPDATE!!! no ideas from them...all ideas from the good old Suggestions and Ideas! anybody find the two hidden links? better question...anybody find this?
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    Around Vesania in 30 minutes

    Really? If I could get a say, I'd say... NO MORE DAGGEROOTS!!!
  4. CopperyMarrow15

    how I want to expand on the Creative Update

    1. Terrain Anchor make it available in "Adventure Mode" too I imagine it to like come down in a lil' Exo pod...or just appear... "Adventurers" deserve this too! I'm not just going to make my game creative so I can use this feature! let us place more...MORE!!! 2. Everything Tab (the tab in the catalog that has everything in it) also...I want this in "Adventure Mode"! 3. a big fat watermark on the screen in Creative that says CREATIVE MODE or something like that so dem people in Creative can't hide that they're cheatin'
  5. CopperyMarrow15

    how I want to expand on the Creative Update

    I pressed Tab while typing...making this thing submit early... I will now type the actual post :3
  6. CopperyMarrow15

    Two tiny quality of life features

  7. CopperyMarrow15

    Energy controled switche

    HOW!? I need this!
  8. CopperyMarrow15


    Here are some similar, bigger threads:
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    Duplicated Alien Beacon

    The way to find that out is to activate it...if there is still another Geometric Triptych slot, you will know it is duplicated I also replied to a similar post about the same issue...
  10. CopperyMarrow15 - PC (Steam) - Double Gateway

    Wow!!! If I found this, I would be amazed! I have so many questions... Can you teleport from one to the other? When you teleport to where they are, which one do you end up at? What does it look like if you activate both of them? I want this bug! I want to make a base next to it!
  11. CopperyMarrow15

    1 Million Bytes!

    ...or if they went to the 64-bit integer limit, 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 would be the max :3
  12. CopperyMarrow15

    RGB Lightning

  13. CopperyMarrow15

    Around Vesania in 30 minutes

    AWESOME!!! Did you see the biome with the weird terrain, the Research Sample makers that look like pieces of sugarcane, and the pink/purple landscape? It's my favorite biome across the entire game.
  14. CopperyMarrow15


    I don't like Solar Arrays... Graphene!? Seriously!? I need to pay Graphene for a measly 4 units of solar power!??? I will stand for this! It should give MUCH more... 8? 10? 12? 16? I like 12. The thicc one (the wreck) should give like 50 with how rare the thing is...and it would trigger a bunch of YouTube videos like this... GIANT SOLAR PANEL got a HUGE BUFF | Astroneer Gameplay Video 987 POWERING an ENTIRE BASE with ONE SOLAR PANEL | Astroneer Series S3 E296 QUEST to find ALL WRECKED SOLAR PANELS in ASTRONEER | Episode #449 I found the HUGE SOLAR PANEL in ASTRONEER!!! (Astroneer Ep. 27) +1! I've suggested this before in the discord and people liked it... The big-o turbine should be like the big-o turbine in Surviving this...