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  1. CopperyMarrow15

    Fauna drill mod

    ...I LOVE the idea of replanting...upgrading...turning the littles into bigs! To implement this, I would make it so a new terrain tool mode is added when you "plant" Organic with the Organic-o-matic-in-a-tor...It makes the plants grow wherever...whenever!! Get it today! available only for 1 Zinc and 2000 Bytes in select catalogs BUT WAIT!!! If you order right now, Exo Dynamics will give you the new FREE Organic Visor and Color Pallette... Don't delay...get it today! 50% Scrap-back guarantee! guarantee only applicable with Medium, Large, or Extra Large Shredders
  2. CopperyMarrow15

    Fauna drill mod

    +1 all the way!!!!
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    Medium Storage improvement

    +1 Everything should be lockable!
  4. CopperyMarrow15

    Suggestion - Toggle Compass Always On

  5. CopperyMarrow15

    the surface on Novus seems a little bit off

    ahhh... I experience that like CRAZY on Glacio...drives me nuts!
  6. a purpose for Astronium??? +1! I've seen many suggestions like this before but its not like I don't like the idea anymore! The RTG has a weird recipe...Lithium? Astronium would fit much better.
  7. CopperyMarrow15

    show becons and shelter icons on the compass

    ...not exactly an "issue"... It's just that the planets are tiny and there is an actual "north pole" where the compass centers. Sylva ain't flat ya know! The closer you are to the equator, the more you can rely on your compass...
  8. CopperyMarrow15

    show becons and shelter icons on the compass

    It is on the moons! Maybe, you could try pole hunting someday on Novus or Desolo...since there's no big purple boi to tell you where to go... ........just you and your compass...and your newfound stargazing abilities...
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    show becons and shelter icons on the compass

    +1 Yep! On all planets, there is an ecliptic centered around the equator...aka star band... which the majority of the stars, the pseudo-planets, and the sun apparently go around. Because it is centered on the equator, you can find the poles easily by finding the place where the star band goes around the horizon.
  10. CopperyMarrow15

    Bring back the forests from the trailer!

    ...That's the way where you have to work... I want the way where they're just chillin' in the forest :3
  11. CopperyMarrow15

    Hydrazine Splitter

    Just put another nickel hydrazine in... the nickelodeon hydrazine splitter... (The other splitter would then be known as the Power Splitter.) It splits a full Hydrazine into two half ones! It has 3 T1 input and two output...obviously... I can't really imagine what it looks like but I can imagine some other things! Purpose: so you can give both of your Hydrazine Jetpacks an equal amount so they don't get mad at you... ...and so you can make Graphene cheaper :3 Recipe: 1 Resin, 1 Titanium Slotting: 1 Female T2, 3 Male T1 Byte Cost: 1000 maybe?
  12. CopperyMarrow15

    Adding Minecarts & and a small Train into the game

    ...I can't tell you how many times I've linked this thread :3
  13. CopperyMarrow15

    Scanner should find shelters

    I have but one thing to say.....
  14. CopperyMarrow15

    Bring back the forests from the trailer!

    They are the Acid spewing umbrella things on Atrox! I remember when the developers first revealed it...a while ago! It would be cool to have purple, safe ones in the forest of Sylva like in the trailer! ...and maybe abandoned Drill Heads... ...and maybe abandoned crates... ...and maybe abandoned bases????? print("+1") I'm learning Python btw