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  1. They don't pay attention to this forum anymore... They never did. They created to get an idea of what people wanted for the game and then just left it to rot. This will probably be one of my last posts here. If not, the last. This forum is dead... but I will always remember it. If you want a place that people pay more attention to, go to the discord server or the subreddit.
  2. read them...awesome! I'm just wondering...what would it take for a Suggestion/Idea thread to be implemented, even if not fully? How epic would the thread have to be for it even to be considered? Can I say that, by posting a thread, I have at least a .01% chance of it being added to the game? I know this all may sound harsh, but all I'm doing is asking questions. I truly wonder about these things. Why was the Suggestions and Ideas subforum created...just for us to aimlessly create posts expecting them to come to fruition... for us to spend our time drifting throug
  3. H A C K E R M A N This is really cool! I don't have the game on Windows and I don't have friends so I couldn't try it... but I do have a question! Could you create a batch file to automate it?
  4. Awesome! I thought this issue had already been addressed...that the devs were active on the forum now. I still do agree though that they could pay some more attention to us. Thanks for sending them this!
  5. I've made 3 poems songs with the words replaced about Astroneer... Here they are in order since I made them: 1. Sing to the tune of Home on the Range: Don't give me a base where those plants spike your face and green gases roam all through the air with those sticky tongue plants that alter my stance. The exploders, I don't really care. Oh, Arid will bring those nasty ball things that come ev'ry once in a while. Yet, Terran is peace and I never shall cease to think of this planet and smile. Exotic's just gross. To the cliffs, I c
  6. While I could give you suggestions, I shall simply leave you with one thing..... Release a catalog of all the plants...and rocks...and biomes! We need it!
  7. yeah...but I do seem to be Daggeroot intolerant...I can't stand those nasties! What's your least favorite nasty?
  8. because HONK ...and I like finding things... Thanks! ...also, this is spot on! +1
  9. not yet... I wish it was could though...all we can do is wish...I think...
  10. excuse me for not reading every single post and clicking on every single link...but there are 3 full pages of forum-y goodness! could someone make brief pretty much everything on this thread? (I'm talkin' to you, @The Touch of Grey Gamer...pretty please!) story (thread) starts with horns...and how they would be utterly useless and not taken well and hated upon... From what I've seen, the exact opposite seems to be happening... People seem to be taking the update very well! so here's my opinion on get lost with all the others...
  11. Really? If I could get a say, I'd say... NO MORE DAGGEROOTS!!!
  12. 1. Terrain Anchor make it available in "Adventure Mode" too I imagine it to like come down in a lil' Exo pod...or just appear... "Adventurers" deserve this too! I'm not just going to make my game creative so I can use this feature! let us place more...MORE!!! 2. Everything Tab (the tab in the catalog that has everything in it) also...I want this in "Adventure Mode"! 3. a big fat watermark on the screen in Creative that says CREATIVE MODE or something like that so dem people in Creative can't hide that they're cheatin'
  13. I pressed Tab while typing...making this thing submit early... I will now type the actual post :3