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  1. CopperyMarrow15

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    I dislike this. Researching is already WAAAY too easy. The rest is awesome!
  2. CopperyMarrow15

    Research Pods

    I found several Orange-Green Cube Gems (orange and green Astro Gems) on Vesania. I have begun to develop my own names for them. Note that I did know that you have found these previously but thought that this thread might be a good place to share the pods that I find. Please notify me if you object. Also on Vesania, I found a Vivid Orange-Lime Green Bulb Sac (Space Plug with a primary color of vivid orange and a secondary color of lime green). I think that it is slightly different than those that you have. It could also be the effect of differing lighting. My friend (not me) found a Dark Green Bubble Sac (dark green Cotton Candy) under a Christmas Tree Gasser (I call the old ones Kettle Gassers but I digress.) He also found this Pale Purple-Dark Blue Retra Crystal (Astro Starboard Side Gem with a primary color of pale purple and a secondary color of dark blue; Retra means absolutely nothing.).
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    Large Wind Turbine

  4. CopperyMarrow15

    Planet Center - Behaviors ?

    ummm...this is old
  5. CopperyMarrow15

    Patch notes - 4/4/19?

    I did not get this on XBOX. It must be only for Steam and very small. I can not agree more.
  6. CopperyMarrow15

    Research Pods

    AWESOME!! I found a Zebra Plug (Astro Plug with a primary color of white and a secondary colors of black) on the surface of Desolo and a rebrum at the lowest cave level of Sylva under a Popcoral. I will try to continue responding. Pear not Pair but let see who spots it
  7. CopperyMarrow15

    ...about this Astro Royale thing

    I know about the me. I am sorry. I thought that this buggy had a separate model from the current one. Those shocks on the front looked quite large up close!
  8. CopperyMarrow15


    I have been wondering where Martin went. Several people went missing after 1.0 including @Astrofun and @redstonerti. Where is the candidate build?
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    Medium Canister and Soil Dispenser

    completely agreed
  10. CopperyMarrow15

    ...about this Astro Royale thing

    On March 31, 2018, SES_joe made an April Fools joke thread saying "Astro Royale Update: April 1, 2019". He said it contained "a new vehicle, 1 million free cosmetic items, and a full cinematic story with characters voiced by Elon Musk, Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Goldblum & Astronaut Peggy Whitson." The game already has something related to cosmetics and there is a fun way to unlock them as well. I think it would be hard as well as useless to add actual astronaut voices. (The current ones are awesome already.) What I am here to focus on is the new vehicle, a dune buggy. It already has its own model and I believe that it would be easy to implement. The model is shown here: I imagine this to be slower but more controllable and capable of more soft landings. As previously mentioned, SES_joe stated that "Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update April 1, 2019." and "Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines April 1, 2019." Any information or thoughts about this will be appreciated. (This thread is not an April Fools joke.)
  11. CopperyMarrow15

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    This glitch is quite common. I suggest simply building a ramp. It is not very difficult. I can see that you have already done so successfully. This also makes for an awesome base location.
  12. CopperyMarrow15

    Medium Canister and Soil Dispenser

    I was picturing multiple slots on the Medium Canister that feed into the Small Canister such as those on the Hydrazine Thruster and Drill. In case you do not understand, I will attach screenshots.
  13. CopperyMarrow15

    Local multiplayer (Console)