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  1. Changed my suit from one type / color to another and my pack contents disappeared, saving restarting did not fix. Thoughts?
  2. So interesting, found them in a pile nearby, on the other side of my base. How odd.
  3. Scaramanga

    The Summer Update - Coming Soon!

    Thanks Joe, It's odd, I'm in the EFT branch and the game menu says I'm running version, but I don't see any of these enhancements, should I be looking for a different version number to download later?
  4. Scaramanga


    I have no idea what this is about but I love the amount of detail the OP put into reporting the issue. Well played.
  5. Scaramanga - Steam / Worse

    Seeing this behavior as well, can only play the game for 5 - 10 minutes before it crashes with no error message. Configuration, all are stock, no overclock: Windows 10 Pro AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2070 16GB RAM M2 Sata boot drive I am able to recover my last save but the game crashes continuously. Thanks for the help!
  6. Is this a feature of terrain 2.0 or my particular save or is it a bug for me to find 100m deep huge pits everywhere on the surface of Sylva? Can't drive 50m without falling in to one 100m deep. They are sculpted, perfectly geometric with vertical walls. They look like leftover rock quarries. They're everywhere, what gives?
  7. Thanks for having a look, didn't want to trash my game if it was designed to be that way. I don't have any idea if the biome designer from System Era has even seen these deformations, but they take away from the uninhabited nature of the game, they look like leftover mining pits, and they're dammed difficult to drive around.
  8. So btw, Steam 1.0.4 Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2070 16 GB DDR4 After doing some exploring found that these big open pits were only around my initial spawn point / habitat. Time to move! I'll try another new game to see if they happen again? Thanks for all the replies? Pictures attached.
  9. Team, I suffer the same FPS degradation as others have reported, but it's just as bad on Terrain 2.0 as it is on Terrain 1.0 saves. Eventually, after exploring, or putting down tethers, a save becomes so bogged it just isn't playable anymore below 15 fps and I just delete it. Terrain 2.0 is no different, and is directly related to the amount of territory I cover. I just upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2070 (from a GTX 1050) in a ePGU attached via Thunderbolt3 to a Lenovo PC with a 16GB of RAM and a core i5 processor. The new Exotic Tech demo moon exhibits much more of a hitch / lag while running, walking , driving than previous versions did, even with the new hardware upgrade. Overall, 0.10.5 on my new GPU is MUCH faster, 55-60fps where I was pulling 40 max on the GTX 1050. But the Tech Demo Moon runs signifantly worse in terms of lag than the Terrain 1.0 levels do, on the same hardware. I realize I have a CPU bottleneck on my system, but old saves, new game starts on Terrain 1.0 run buttery smooth.
  10. Hardware config as follows: Core i5 7300U (Lenovo Thinkpad 370) 4 lane PCIe - Thunderbolt 3 16 GB DDR4 Akitio Node Gigabyte RTX 2070 2560x1440p resolution @59Hz This config is CPU bottlenecked but terrain 1.0 plays just fine until you explore too far and it gets progressively slower as you spread out, visit other planets. Particularly bad if you use tethers. Starting a fresh save runs great. Terrain 2.0 is significantly worse, game plays at 60fps but has obvious lags when driving, running even though the CPU is at 40%. It looks beautiful, but the performance is not there even with a worlds top 10 GPU. Maybe 1.0 will be better?
  11. Cool video. I have seen this happen before around / above a large Titanium deposit, but have never been able to fix it. Even driving away in the rover sling-shots you back to the center of the mineral deposit. It's as if the game has re-oriented gravity to originate on your planet as a wave from your location. The only thing I've been able to do is walk away and start a new base.
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    Big +1 on this ask, it would be very cool.
  13. +1 I have to hop-hop-hop to get to Tundra most of the time some way to know when a planet is getting close would be great.
  14. Scaramanga

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    I can appreciate all the work that went into the reorganization of the resource / crafting system in Astroneer, but it's changed the way I play the game for the worse I'm afraid. As an example, building the large shuttle is now so tedious and requires so many steps that it's just not 'worth it' in terms of game play. Solution? Slum it on the small shuttle and build what you have to when you get there instead of hauling gear around on the large shuttle like I used to. Example: Titanium Alloy. Ugh, not going through that again. I feel like you've dissuaded the player from using some of the more interesting vehicles / resources in the game just by making the process of crafting the resources so tedious. I don't mind having to go to Arid to get element XYZ but having to take 4 separate steps to concoct it into something usable is a hassle. While we're at it, the small shuttle / solid rocket booster is scientifically inaccurate, did you guys look up how Solid Rocket Booster technology actually works? While it's actually technically correct to use Aluminum and Amonium as components for the booster, the way it works in-game is just not believable. Once you light an SRB there is no 'OFF' button, they are on until they burn out, so being able to turn them on / off again in the game play while moving between planets is pretty goofy and takes away from what you've done here.
  15. Scaramanga Barren broken gravity

    This happens on Radiated too, eventually just gave up the save and started over.
  16. Scaramanga

    Discovery of Flight

    I couldn't find this suggestion, but a way to move about the planet with a balloon of gas and some propulsion. This may help with some of the dis-satisfaction of losing stuff, dying and then only being able to get back 'close' to it with a shuttle, which isn't always useful. Balloons may have other uses like antennas for radar, reconnaissance, etc.
  17. Scaramanga

    Space needle

    Even a mobile vehicle mounted observation pole with a single seat attached that could shoot up a couple hundred feet would be very useful. In a low gravity situation a simple gas cylinder 'push' would be enough to travel along a vertical ladder, maybe 'geared' like so.
  18. Scaramanga

    Discovery of Flight

    Hey Thanks! Wings might be problematic but I don't know if there is an actual density to the atmosphere. But a balloon with some lighter than air gas control and a means of propulsion would be a simple way to get from place to place. The flight / drive mechanics are already there, it's just swapping out the vehicle.
  19. Scaramanga

    Map / GPS system

    Completely agree, the lack of a map (which is entirely plausible in the game scenario) is annoying unless someone is great with pen / paper or beacons. I've lost more gear this way, can't systematically explore the planets, etc. Building a GPS satellite would a great fix, it could even decay in orbit, etc.
  20. Scaramanga

    Domesticating the Worms on Radiated

    I like the idea of some interaction with these beasts. I'm fairly tired of falling into them while running away from a storm or running out of air.
  21. Same here, Win 10, Steam. So annoying I moved my platforms away. Disappeared after restarting.
  22. Had to start my save all over again after 200+ hours because I landed on Radiated to mine titanium, built a rover and wound up blowing away in the wind. When I landed I was pirouetting vertically around a titanium deposit. All wind on the planet ebbed and flowed back to the same spot like I was floating around a sink drain. Gravity was extremely weak, so much so that every movement of the vehicle in trying to escape in any direction launched it into the air. FPS fell to sub 10. Walking was not affected, only vehicle mechanics. Every attempt I made to escape by driving away just sling shotted me back (airborne) back to the same location over the titanium deposit. The only solution was to walk out across the surface or restart.