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  1. Haze33E

    Introduce Digging Elevator!

    Interesting Idea I think it would need to be a platform module.
  2. Haze33E

    what the heck is this BUG

    😲 That's a scrap gold mine
  3. Haze33E

    small update

    It must have been a hotfix for something they just haven't gotten around to saying for what.
  4. Haze33E

    Paver slot???

    I haven't tried placing anything on them yet but my guess would be it's a slot for small canisters. So the paver can pull them from your rover to use the soil in them. Like how the terrain tool can't add or smooth soil until you equip a small canister.
  5. For whatever reason you need to prime the system with the soil centrifuge. It needs a canister placed on it first then it will start pulling from the storage.
  6. Haze33E

    Icons on Compass

    It would be great if beacons functioned like the ones from Subnautica.
  7. Haze33E

    Large Platform C tweak

    Large Platform B with 2 Medium Storage Silos is basically just a better version of Large Platform C. Even with 1 Medium Storage Silo you have 4 extra storage slots. They could honestly just scrap Large platform C it wasn't very good to begin with and now it's pretty much obsolete.
  8. For the big stuff like these Shuttles Crashed satellites/space stations Large platforms Large Wreckage like habitats and raised platforms The simplest solution I can think of is allowing a drill attached to the crane to break down large objects into smaller scrap-able chunks. That way you don't need to worry about transporting anything. You can just take a large rover over with a shredder and a crane then come back with the scrap.
  9. Probably a buggy interaction between different soil hardness levels
  10. It would be great if the Soil centrifuge was modified to have a T2 socket for the Medium Canister to socket into. Also it would be nice if the Medium Canister acted as additional capacity for the Soil Centrifuge. So for crafting things like ammonium you could max out the production instead of making them one at a time.
  11. Haze33E

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Hope this means the tractor and medium rover too. I had to abandon a save because any vehicle with a drill sank into the ground as soon as it activated. It didn't effect the crane it was only drills attached to rovers/tractor that caused it.
  12. This bug exists on PC as well and the devs have yet to acknowledge it exists despite it being reported numerous times.
  13. It's a bug it has been reported multiple times and has yet to be acknowledged by the devs. I had save with lots of progress I just deleted because of this bug. I started a new game in the hopes it was just my save that was corrupted from an update. If I run into it again I guess I won't be playing until they finally patch it.
  14. Haze33E

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    I'm on PC and my save was made when 1.0 launched. I wanted a fresh save to avoid any bugs from the update but I see that was futile. I launched the game after the summer update and the bug still exists. I also lost a tractor with 2 trailers and a reactor attached to it when I was testing for it. I could just start a new game and hope the bug doesn't carry over into a new save. It'll suck losing my base/progress to a bug though. Yeah that's the exact problem I'm having.