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  1. If I'm able to lift a shuttle I should be able to lift a rover and tractor trailer. This will help with releasing stuck vehicles also it would nice to be able to lift rover wrecks into the new extra large shredder. Since they are supposed to be scrappable now but we have no way to put them into said shredder.
  2. Hopefully there's gonna be a fix really don't want to start over.
  3. Haze33E

    Items to Improve Vehicle Drills

    There's bug on older saves right now where the vehicles just sink into the ground.
  4. All they really need for #1 is to lock modules onto platforms while they are powered. Just like how platforms lock to the ground while powered.
  5. Yes please the trade platform needs this so bad.
  6. Haze33E

    Smelter Upgrade

    Think you're confusing the terms upgrade and downgrade. While I understand where you're coming from it's not something needed. If you want realism they'd have to make this into a full blown survival game. Which would require the addition of habitat building, green houses, food, water, 💩, and etc. At that point you might as well sign up for the colonization mission to mars if you want the game to be that tedious and realistic.
  7. Haze33E

    Items to Improve Vehicle Drills

    Would love these options even more so when the drill on vehicles is working again.
  8. Yeah just experienced this on my first attempt to drill to a core. My tractor won't move and then just sinks into the ground. I thought it was because I was using drill 3 so I switched to drill 1 and it did the exact same thing. If my tractor isn't moving before the drill gets turned on then it won't move and just sinks into the ground until the drill is facing the sky. If I turn it on while driving the back tires will start sinking a few seconds after drilling.
  9. Haze33E

    Growing Daggeroot

    No idea only time I'm at my base is for crafting.
  10. They should just rename the medium shredder to small shredder and large shredder to medium shredder. Since we don't have a small shredder. What I'd really love to have though is something in-between a drill and the medium shredder that attaches to the crane. So we can drill/grind away on the large satellites and rover wreckage to collect scrap. Cause currently unless they give us the ability to lift rover wreckage the new shredder will only be good for platform wreckage and the research container lids.
  11. Haze33E

    Growing Daggeroot

    I have the same problem I think I've only had 1 grow to full size out of like 20+ planted. Maybe they are bugged, I don't recall it happening with any other plants though.
  12. Having similar issues with 3-4 rovers together it's like the last rover is either stuck in the terrain or trying to go in the opposite direction.
  13. Yeah something is wrong with rovers not having universal direction when hooked into rover trains.
  14. Haze33E

    1040 - 4x Large Rover Stuck In Place

    I just made 2 large rovers to add to the 2 I already had an it won't move with more then 3 hooked to eachother.
  15. Haze33E

    Automatic take off on Desolo

    I had this issue and wound up stranded in orbit a planet. I closed my game via task manager and rebooted it. I started off back on the planet I was at before attempting to land on the other planet. After the reboot I was able to land on the spot again. I moved my shuttle and smoothed out the terrain so it wouldn't happen again. The landing spot was partially in a crater wall and I had landed there like 5-6 times before without any issue.