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  1. Haze33E

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Give us the ability to move shuttles with the winch so we can safely dispose of them when upgrading to a larger shuttle make the landing pad next to the habitat the default landing location when returning to a plaent with a shuttle landing next to the vehicle bay is annoying
  2. Haze33E

    The New Astroneer Suit....

    Yeah hopefully this is a feature in 1.0
  3. Haze33E

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Give large large platform C the double sockets on the side panels as well. And maybe flip the side panels 90 degrees and add a second side to them.
  4. Haze33E

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Yeah the small shuttle seems unaffected by gravity and even the winch. The only way to get rid of it seems to be with dynamite.
  5. Version Sometimes when I'm using the smoothing tool it will lock up and the cursor will jump around. I remember experiencing this problem like 2-3 updates ago but it went away. In this version however it keeps happening every so often and more so when I visit different planets. It only happens when I'm trying to smooth the terrain for some reason. It's acting like the cursor is colliding with an invisible hitbox then teleporting to the other side. It happens going left to right and forwards and backwards.
  6. Haze33E

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Steam has yet to realize there's an update for me.
  7. Just unplug the platform lift it up and re-place it then plug it back in. The vehicle bay will adjust to the new terrain so you can print.
  8. Don't have enough building resources on the vehicle bay. I don't mean the storage slots but the actual vehicle bay.
  9. Haze33E

    Dead Astroneers Gone?

    I've only found backpacks both on the surface and in caves, haven't found any bodies.
  10. Haze33E

    How 2 scrap busted exo habits

    Yeah the shredders overall are inconsistent and hard to use. I learned the best method for using them is attaching them to a rover. So you can just drive around scrapping. But the shredder uses an absurd amount of power so you better be sure to have plenty of power generation and different types as well.
  11. Haze33E

    What the Heck Wreckage is This?

    Careful using this as a base. On my last game before the update I found one of these went back later on to check it out when I had a canister for my terrain tool. It had disappeared I'm guessing it fell through the ground into a cave.
  12. Just for consistency sake since we already have a small and medium fabricator. Also there's going to need to be a location for printing larger objects like the shuttle platform in the future. It would be strange to go to the vehicle bay to do so. During the most recent dev stream someone asked about changing the model of the vehicle bay and the dev streaming said "what if we just completely got rid of the vehicle bay what about that". Don't know if he was dropping a hint or just joking around.
  13. Hematite and Wolframite are also invalid samples in the mineral extractor.
  14. Haze33E


    Op means a storage tank that can connect to the mineral extractor input slot via a hose that functions like the platform power cables. Which would mean the storage tank would have to be built onto the same platform as the mineral extractor.
  15. This will open up the ability in the future to print things like the shuttle platforms once we get the ability to make them ourselves.