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  1. Haze33E


    The fix for borked vehicles can't come soon enough. So tired of getting in an out of vehicles like 8 times before they decide to work again.
  2. Haze33E


    Haven't used my crane in 1.0 yet but the last I knew the crane/drills do collect soil and resources. Unless they removed that in 1.0 or there's a bug it still should do that.
  3. Haze33E

    Mega shredder

    Agreed I have rover wrecks, platforms, and space debri I would love to scrap. They at least need to make it so dynamite can break the larger objects down into scrappable pieces or allow us to use drills to do that. Or the small shredder on the crane.
  4. Haze33E

    Small RTG / Portable RTG

    I really wish there was permanent upgrades for the backpack and terrain tool so items like this aren't needed. It would be great to have an upgraded backpack with an integrated rtg and oxygenator. I hate having to waste carrying space on modules. But yeah a portable rtg with the same power level as the small generator would be great. Right now the only use for the portable oxygenator is placing it on vehicles so you can deploy tethers from your vehicle. Which is something you rarely need to do anyway.
  5. Haze33E

    RTGs Too Overpowered

    Finally unlocked the RTG in my opinion it is nice to have but it's nowhere near OP. While the power output is infinite it's not strong so you can still easily bog it down with too much power draw.
  6. Haze33E

    Printer Auto-Filler

    Guessing mean a search bar to find items in printers via typing.
  7. Haze33E

    Plant Seeds Growing in No Atmosphere

    https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Desolo From the description Desolo is a contradiction to itself. It already has plants in the craters so I guess that's why you can plant things there, beyond that I got nothing.
  8. Haze33E

    RTGs Too Overpowered

    The RTG is an endgame power source the whole point of endgame items is that they're better then what you had before. It doesn't make any sense to unlock/build lots of end game stuff. To then have to waste space with batteries/solar panels/wind turbines everywhere just to have a consistent power supply. I haven't even unlocked it yet but I'll be really happy when I do. No more worrying about needing to make batteries/solar panels/wind turbines or having to feed generators with carbon/organic. Which will be really helpful for setting up bases on the other planets when I start messing with alien buildings.
  9. Haze33E

    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    Can't wait for this one to get patched it's driving me nuts.
  10. Haze33E

    Automation & Streamlining Ideas

    The terraformer upgrades would be great it sucks having to waste slots on them.
  11. Haze33E

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    You can't though because you can't do that with the version for the rovers.
  12. Haze33E

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    My sad attempt at what it would look like
  13. Haze33E

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    That's 8 single slots though I'm talking about a storage module for the tractor trailers that gives 2 double slots to each trailer. So if I wanted to I could carry 6 research pods instead of 3.
  14. Haze33E


    Yeah it's weird they removed those features.
  15. https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Large_Storage Can we get the baby version of this for the tractor trailers? It could only have 2 double slots instead of 4. And why is there a limit of attaching 3 trailers to a tractor? Also can we get power storage on the tractor trailers like the rovers have.