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  1. Somehow the solar panel of the small solar generator shifted away. I do not know how to reproduce. After loading the game, the problem disappears.
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    Customization would be better. I often take other games as example. In this game I think to Minecraft, which allows different levels of difficulty and even switch between them without starting a new world. You have there cheat commands too if you enable them. Anyway, I wanted this game to have a more successful release. I tried to play it as it is. I had no game-breaking bugs. Those big cylindrical wrecks were being pushed out from the ground while I was removing the dirt inside and the vehicles do not work and I have to exit and enter several times. When I reached the new moon of the exotic planet, I realized that during my careful planning I forgot to take one piece of aluminum. So I went back to the starting planet and all I have to do is to continue playing. But somehow I am not pulled back into the game. Just exploring to find what developers changed or to activate those big structures is not interesting enough for me. So I will stop playing and I might return later when new content is added, to help testing or just to play. I have personally no reason anymore to keep asking for storms. It would be a small improvement for me but not enough to keep me playing more than a few days. Developers noticed for sure this thread and the other reasons why people complain too. It is their turn now to improve the situation. For now I lost a bit of confidence in them. Have fun everybody!
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    I apologize. Not because I am afraid of report but because I realize it might have an impact on readers I have not considered. Sorry. Sometime it happens that I say things and I would change the words, but once said I cannot take them back.
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    If you agree to an optional configuration, why not on the starter planet too? Let those who want storms to enjoy them from the beginning.
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    Thanks you Kev for the part "would be happy to see them return". I also do not want to ruin your game experience either. So it is the developers who have to give us what we both want! Have a nice weekend and lets's hope for a better future now. This release was not the one developers dreamed about for sure.
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    While I accept and understand the sun loving players, I hope they all get skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation! 😛 Rain is an important ingredient for life. Wind is also normal. And storms are natural phenomenons which feel real. A game has a great immersion when it succeed making the player feel in a real environment. Those who cannot (or pretend they cannot) understand why I want storms, they should at least try to work toward a compromise instead of punishing the other players who have something they enjoy. An option to customize the experience would be better, not only the storms but other parameters too. We are all together in the same game!
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    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    Glad to hear!
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    Is this a joke?

    I vote for a "quit without saving option". I would accept to be labeled by developers as a cheater in exchange for this "service".
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    New solar system and 7 new planets?

    Ok, I got the answer from Wyvyrias:
  10. Can somebody confirm if there is a way to travel to a new solar system? The Steam store page say: Also in November we got the information that 7 new planers are going to be added:
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    I posted my opinion on a Steam thread but I was not intending to catch every thread, on this forum too. Even less willing to go to Discord and hunt discussions there. An opinion poll would have been more appropriate. They could have left it in game, configurable in the option menu. Maybe they had no time to complete the refactoring ... ... and now they say "everybody hated them"? The probability to come back later depends how many people will ask for them. I wish to know the probability of aggressive fauna now. The game has lost the little survival part it had.
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    I miss the storms too. How did they found out that "everyone hated them"?
  13. On the new test planet, just walked to the nearby base and back to the vehicle.
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    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    The Trello shows that after release there are more features planned: - Creative Mode - Mod Support - Liquid on Planets - Aggressive Fauna / AI-driven Creatures - Weather Systems and Climate Events - Large Scale Automation System - Farming System - Home / Player Home - Interactive and non-interactive decor - Player Inventory Management - Player Sharing / Trading - Cartography - Damage System Refactor - Mac OS Version Questions: The 7 entirely new planets means we will have 6+7=13 planets in 1.0? The features listed above, will be delivered within that 1 year of free content? OR will be delayed until 2021 and part of a DLC? Why 2021? Because If a DLC comes in February 07, 2020 (one year and one day after release) then it means it was developed during the 1 year free content update... It would be nice to detail the Trello roadmap and show clearly what comes for free and what will be payed.
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    The sad truth about the game.

    Indeed. People use the title of the threads in a misleading way, to make people click and read. Just like news site do. Another practice is to start a sentence and use the "..." Create drama, fight for attention, spam... these are the communication techniques of our "modern" era. This might be the reason of so many wrecks me and my friend Shredder find on the planet. ?
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    The sad truth about the game.

    Alex made this account and this very first post to send a message: he loves the game and he wants more of it. We all want the same. Instead of "truth" the word "reality" fits better. This is how most Early Access games are now. We pay early and we need a lot of patience. Minecraft was in a similar state many years ago but it has an important advantage over other games: the water influences everything: in recipes, in farms, mob farms, transportation, as ice... and it was reverse engineered to allow mods.
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    Nature's call

    While looking for bathroom, a storm came and hit me with stones. Overkill.
  18. That's what this is about? A pee joke? Oh brother, we have hit a new low here. ?
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    Nature's call

    Sorry about that. The forum doesn't let me to delete the thread But on the other hand we should not associate bad things about natural activities we do every day. Ark even uses them in game. It is part of survival.
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    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    I like the storms.
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    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    When I encounter such a sandbox game, I start playing it in different ways. In Minecraft I used to setup rules how to survive. Sometime I was eating only mushrooms, until they made them way to easy to find. Then I was using the command line to make permanent night... In Astroneer, in, I tried also to survive without damaging the surface. The challenge was to install onto my tool the Inhibitor Mod. If you do that from the beginning, you will never be able to pick up any scrap. I agree, such rules require some discipline to stick to them. Some people would like the game to offer hard barriers. They want to beat the game. Maybe finding the wrecks should be just the 1st part. The second would be to think how to approach the site. The last 100m to it could require some effort. ----- Regarding the scrap, I have mixed feelings. Sometime I use it to avoid grinding for resources I know I can get anyways. So it is ok when I want to progress faster But is way to easy to obtain it to have a sense of achievement if I am missing some tech and if wrecks would be rare, discovering one could bring some excitement. But maybe I would never find them. And there are moments when I do not want to be forced to explore. I was looking once out the window in Subnautica, to some distress signal, and I was thinking: why am I doing this? Is this what the game is about? To do what developers want?
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    Steam - - Beacon shifted into space

    Maybe people do not want an answer, maybe they just want to "help"
  23. See the top of the screenshot. The beacon was on the planet near my base. I launched the vehicle and then I noticed the beacon in space.
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    Q & E

    Glad to know there are other people who have the same opinion. I hope developers will improve this behavior
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    Q & E

    It is too easy to easy to confuse them. Or maybe it is me who I cannot learn their role? I just placed an object into the Research Chamber, I started the research process and I was wondering how to close that window. I pressed E once and being inpatient to observe why the window didn't vanished, I pressed E once more. Guess what? The research was canceled and the item was gone. ? I expect when I press a button once, the 2nd press to cancel that action. The game tries to teach me this pattern. With E I equip the tool and 2nd press is hiding it. Q shows and hides the backpack. But is very confusing. I find sometime backpacks and I take the items and then I try to figure out how to put that away. I press Q, E, ESC then I wonder if I have to go away to let it close automatically when I am out of range... You may ask why I try the ESC key... Well, I use Q to open the research window and for some reason Q doesn't close it but I have to use ESC. Why a different way than pressing once more Q? Another "funny" thing is that if you open the backpack, you can hover the mouse on the left side and the Research Catalog hint slides a bit hinting that you that you can open it with a mouse click. But you have no way to close it again with mouse! Why there is no "open/close research" key binding in the option menu to avoid the long Q press / ESC combo? Or retrieve item? I move the mouse over an object, why do I have to click to pick the object and then to think if I have to use Q or E to take it away into the backpack? In my mind somehow backpack is associated with Q but to put the item into the backpack I have to use E.