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  1. Apparently it is a known bug. Maybe one day developers will fix it . I started two new games meanwhile. The winch idea is interesting. I'll try that out if it happens again. Thanks!
  2. Somehow the solar panel of the small solar generator shifted away. I do not know how to reproduce. After loading the game, the problem disappears.
  3. Menzagitat

    Large rover + Storms

    I am speechless and in awe. I saw such shakes before in other games. I thought Astroneer is safe from them...
  4. This reminds me that I have to place beacons onto my vehicles. I lost a few too. I play the Steam version. Vehicles were lost in
  5. Menzagitat

    Gravity manipulation gear

    I like the personal drone idea. I could send him to inspect those pillars, to go around them and collect the minerals. It could be controlled by player (including the camera view could be switched to the point of view of the drone) Being a small drone, it should be vulnerable to danger, just like the player. Dragon, when you have several ideas, better split them into separate posts. This way each ideas can be discussed separately and the good ones will float to the top.
  6. Menzagitat

    long distance interaction and pick up

    This seems to be a balancing aspect of the game. Not a bug. It the player removes dirt to free some resources or salvage, it would be annoying to suddenly decrease the range and not let the him grab the item. To consume some energy to bring the item to the player is also annoying because would just reduce the game-play speed by adding delays to recharge the tool.
  7. Medium shredder can destroy small objects like Power cells but doesn't destroy Filters.
  8. In the last update, titanium shape got mixed up with the aluminum shape. They both have the same shape now.
  9. Menzagitat

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    This is confusing now. Or still not clear enough. When the game starts, we get a Medium Fabricator for free and in order to produce Medium Storage I have to produce the Small Fabricator...
  10. Menzagitat

    cheat console commands

    Could be implemented in survival too. There can be more survival play modes: without cheats with cheats - achievements should be disabled for those playing this way with one life only - extra achievements maybe with one extra life which you can regenerate slowly in a special cloning chamber if you provide resources... I use cheat commands usually to make the game more difficult. Or to recover losses caused by glitches. But I have nothing against those who enjoy the game with cheats making the game easier. Who am I to decide how others should play the game?
  11. When you land first time, you can walk a few moments until the Exo Habitat starts the unpacking procedure. I walked toward the place where the Exo Habitat was going to "grow". This is how I got stuck inside. Save and load doesn't help.
  12. 1) Long Q opens research catalog but I have to move my hand to ESC to close it 2) Exo Habitat shows only once to "hold E". Afterwards is just E. I would like to be able to associate to the actions which require "press and hold" other key combinations (including mouse keys).
  13. after reloading the game In a SF game I got a hunted house. Immersion ruined.
  14. Avatar died just when he was entering. I cannot access his equipment. Now I have a skeleton in the closet.
  15. Platform: Steam The Research Catalog remains open when the player enters into the Exo Habitat. ( a very tiny bug - if all would be like this one... )