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  1. For ideas, go to attached file. Untitled document.pdf
  2. I physicly cant do it becouse the home screen wont allow it
  3. It would be super cool if 2 players on Xbox could do cooperative game play. And if you choose to ignore this, plz don't!
  4. Yesterday, when I logged in to my version 9.0.0 world, there was dirt, grass, general organics and compound everywhere. My mining tool did not work, and neither did my drill, rovers, or other genral apliences. Plz add something that allows you to keep pre update worlds?
  5. Imagine putting an XL storage on a space ship, imagine flying with a absolute tone of astronium, imagine putting a researcher on a space craft and giving us a use for titanite! Imagine giving a space craft electricity! Wouldn't it be great!!??
  6. There should defiantly be magnets, so you can stick it on a crane and get you rover out of a deep hole, or a bigger one to rip a crash site out of the ground! And to make it less op, make it use all of 4 large rovers battery life to take a rover out of a deep hole, and you have to maintain the power to hold the rover / crash site above the ground. Also, while adding this, add a larger crane, and a larger rover with the power of 8 large rovers.
  7. When playing astroneer, my brother put 1 hydrazine in a thruster, just managing to take off the canister so it flew straight, but it never came down. He even used his shuttle to try to find it. Never came down passed the clouds, so can you make thrusters heavier, or provide less thrust.