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  1. Additional Note: If it helps to know, I forgot to mention that this was all through Steam.
  2. Summary: Getting into an Open 1-Seat (possibly other seats as well) and clicking at the right time allows you to fly around simply by pointing the mouse. Description: Pressing and holding 'E' on an Open 1-seat and immediately clicking on the seat (to pick it up if timed correctly) allows the user to fly anywhere they please without the need of a vehicle or oxygen; this can sometimes result in flying 'inside' the planet as well. This bug can be used in single player, but is insanely easier to achieve in multiplayer due to the brief lag when the host automatically saves when any player jumps into any seat. Though it hasn't been tested with other seats yet, I imagine that other seats that can be picked up and climbed into by the Astroneers can also be affected by thus bug. Platform: Windows 10 PC Version / Build Number: 9.0