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    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    Has there been anything done regarding the terrain desync bugs in Multiplayer? Cause since release 1.0 This bug renders the game unplayable for us in multiplayer. No later than one hour or so into a new game, clients get some really bad terrain glitches, where terrain which was modified by a client pops back into a kind of messy and glitched version of the original, unaltered version of the terrain. Hopefully shit's gonna get fixed soon...
  2. Reudinger

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    We still have the very same problem too since release. The cause of the bug is unlikely of a bad internet connection, cause in our case we all play on the same (good enough) connection. I mean I would understand it if the terrain desyncs would not be permanent. When some terrain is modified and the host does not really get it and it pops back once, okay, this can happen due to some laggy connection, but the terrain keeps popping back again and again. So there must be some major glitch somewhere in the netcode. Something which prevents the correct update of terrain data from the client to the host. Some complex and mysterious bugs can happen. And I have no problem with that. But we really, really want to play astroneer together xD. I would really appreciate the option to fall back to an older (and at least for us) more stable version of the game. I'd love to play Astroneer together with my friends with all the exciting new stuff that came with and after 1.0 release, but it's not a must have. For us it is more important that we can play together with as few bugs as possible or in other words have a playable experience in multiplayer at all. So pleeeeeeeease, give us an option for an older version as long as there are such gamebreaking bugs and glitches in the current version.
  3. Reudinger

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Oh man, this bug still persists? Meh. I red something somewhere this may have to do with different CPU manufacturers of the host and the Client computers. Are you and your mates all using AMD or Intel, or is it mixed? Knowing this would be interesting. We had this terrain regen issues too, but even stranger was when we flew to other planets, because they seemed to be generated VERY differently on the client machines. I (host) am using a i7 4700k, and my friend I am playing with uses a FX-6300. And as I said, I think I red something about Terrain generation differences between Intel and AMD machines...
  4. +1 for this bug. We already encountered the very same bug in 1.0.7 hopefully the devs will fix this in the next version. Seems to be somehow related to early terrain 2.0 issues...
  5. Yeah, I already opened a thread for this bug earlier this week.
  6. This problem still persists in version 1.0.9, but (maybe by coincidence, maybe not) the bug shows itself now after some time (60-120mins into gameplay).
  7. We have some issues with the synchronization of changes in the terrain. Sometimes when the host is using the terrain tool, the changes in the world are not correctly shown at clients. An other example (for possibly the same bug) is when a client edits some terrain, the terrain changes correctly on the host side and a few seconds later the terrain on the client is shown like it was originally. These 2 screenshots show the same area which was modified by the host (first screenshot from host, second from client)
  8. I got the exact same problem. Normally if there are any interaction-bugs with items / rovers, they are normally gone in 30 seconds or so, but this bug is persistent.